Close to Montereau. Lidl de Cannes-Ecluse: an acquisition that takes time to materialize

Lidl in Cannes-Ecluse closed its doors at the end of 2021 following the opening of a new store by the German group in Esmans, roundabout of the Petit Fossard (©GF/RSM77)

A recovery that takes time to materialize and an entire city is waiting.

To understand the end of the story, let’s go back to the events from the beginning, or more precisely, let’s go back to the 1er December 2021. An important date for the brand lidlas it marked the opening of its new 1,000 mtwo at the Petit Fossard roundabout, in esmansnear Montereau.

six months of waiting

A launch celebrated as it should be by the German channel with numerous promotional offers and posters throughout the territory.

But a few kilometers away, the inhabitants of another city look grim. And for good reason, the brand new Lidl at Esmans is actually not a creation in the proper sense of the term, but the Home moving from Lidl of Cannes-Eclusewhich is why it closed its doors a few days before this opening.

However, the inhabitants of Cannes are far from imagining that, six months later, they would still be orphans in a supermarket.

Indeed, to avoid this situation, a written commitment had been taken over by Lidl on the grounds that the company would find a buyer in the food sector, so that the inhabitants can always benefit from a place to do their shopping, and this in the shortest possible time. Unfortunately, at the end of May, the premises on rue Chaude remain hopelessly empty.

we did our parthowever guarantees Cedric Buttefey, real estate manager at Lidl in France. We found a buyer, the brand grandson of the group marketed*. But their processes are noticeably very different from ours, so it’s taking a while,” she says.

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Then both sides would have fallen I agree on all points “including financial considerations”, but the administrative delay of the French brand still would not allow the member (name given by Intermarché to what could be related to the role of franchisee in other companies) to take possession of places to do the necessary work before the opening: “Today, the agreement was reached, now, the ball is in Netto’s court “, says Cédric Buttefey.

A situation that is starting to seriously bother the mayor of Cannes-Ecluse: “I’ve been promised things for some time, but I still don’t see anything comingso worried Denis Miguet. Very regularly, I go fishing for information, because the absence of a supermarket puts a certain number of our inhabitants in great difficulty. During the elections, many people came to me asking for news and I understand them, but we don’t have our hands on these things because we don’t own them. Obviously, today it would just be a matter of signing, but I really hope it gets done as soon as possible,” she insists.

“The mayor’s anger is legitimate”

On the Lidl side, we assure you that we understand this impatience and do our best to get the buyer to speed things up: now. That’s also why we pressured Netto to make an appointment with the municipality to explain the situation”, indicates Cédric Buttefey.

However, the initial problem would not be the only element that would delay this recovery: “From what I’ve been told, it is the first time that the Lidl brand deals with the leasing of a sales area to a competitor. It didn’t happen in minutes. Lidl France had to go to headquarters to discuss the commitments they had made to us. For senior management, it did not flow from the source to place a competitor near a Lidl store”, explains the elected official.

And if a date has not yet been set for a potential opening of the Netto store, Denis Miguet is well aware that we will have to wait a little longer.

“I would like the opening to take place in September, but the complexity is that even if the building exists, there will be work to be done. then if the recovery could be made before the end of the year, that would be enough “, underlines the mayor of Cannes-Ecluse.

If it had been resold to a clothing store, I promise it would have been made a long time ago., but we are committed to maintaining a food surface there, and that takes time. But we are doing everything to ensure that this is done as quickly as possible”, concludes the real estate manager of the Lidl group.

*Contacted, the Intermarché group had not yet responded to our requests at the time of writing.

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