bleachers. Feminist personalities support the fight for legal abortion in the United States!

“Not a step back! International Solidarity for the Right to Abortion in the United States” is the title of this declaration that denounces the Roe v Wade ruling that “will mark a historic setback against the rights of women and people with the ability to carry children to have their own bodies. This will particularly affect the poorest, black, Latino, migrant and indigenous women. »

The text recalls that this reactionary decision “is now up to the Federal Supreme Court, with a conservative majority”. But that the Republican Party “has long attacked this right” and that the Democratic Party has refused to vote for the legalization of abortion “every time it has had a legislative majority”. Therefore, the signatories declare: “In recent years, feminists from different countries have mobilized within the framework of the ‘green tide’ in Argentina and Latin America, for the right to abortion in France and Ireland, in women’s strikes and in mobilizations against and homophobic violence in many countries. Because we know that the only way to win all our rights is to mobilize in the streets. »

If you have not yet signed this declaration, we ask that you read the full version and do so. ON HERE.

Among more than 200 signatures is that of Lise Vogelfeminist theorist and activist who wrote one of the reference texts on the issue of reproductive work and its role in the capitalist mode of production. Marxism and the oppression of women. For a unitary theory first published in 1983, and soon to be published by Editions sociales in October 2022, is one of the works at the origin of the theory of social reproduction.

Jule Goikoetxeaphilosopher, writer and feminist activist from the Basque Country, known for her pro-independence and anti-capitalist positions, also participates in this declaration.

French political scientist, feminist and anti-racist, Françoise Verges, is also one of the signatories. One of his last works, A decolonial feminism published in 2019, opens with the victory of the ONET workers’ strike. The victory against the cleaning company, subcontracted to SNCF, allows Françoise Vergès to demonstrate the combination of racialization, feminization, exploitation, invisibility and sexual and gender violence in the works of the cleaning sector. This example illustrates what she calls “21st century civilizing feminism,” specific to imperialist countries like France.

From France, a group of other intellectual and/or feminist activists and/or personalities of the LGBT movement expressed their internationalist solidarity, as Daniele Kergoat (sociologist, honorary director of research at CNRS), Jules Falquet (sociologist and feminist activist), Ludivine Bantigny (historian), Laurence DeCock (historian), Mathilde Larrere (historian), Sylvie Tissot (sociologist), Pauline Clochec (Professor-researcher in philosophy, lesbian activist and anarchist), Eric Fassin (sociologist), Fanny Gallot (historian and trade unionist), Thierry Schafuser (activist, sex worker, rhinestone unionist) or even Didier Lestrade (Journalist, writer, co-founder of ACT UP Paris).

Assa Traoréanti-racist activist, feminist, figure in the Justice Pour Adama movement, also added her signature in support of those fighting reactionary policies in the United States.

The declaration was also signed by personalities from the world of cinema and theater such as Celine Sciamma (writer and director) Gisele Vienna (choreographer and director), but also Adele Haenelcomedian and actress, known for her positions on issues of sexual and gender violence, and on feminism in general.

The latter was in solidarity with Anasse Kazib’s pre-candidacy for the 2022 presidential elections, and participated in a program of Permanent Revolution” Dealing with Macron 2 and the Empowerment of the Far Right ” next door in particular Kaoutar Harchisociologist and Sasha Yaropolskayatransfeminist activist and founding member of XY Media, also a signatory to the declaration.

French feminist organizations such as All of us, Feminist Alert and bread and rosesalso supported this declaration in solidarity with our sisters struggling in the United States today.

Since Argentina, there have been many signatures from our comrades in bread and rosesthe equivalent of Bread and Roses in Argentina, union leaders, student activists, deputies, intellectuals from the Socialist Workers’ Party (PTS), including the national deputy Myriam Bregmanknown for his fight against impunity for the genocide of the last military dictatorship.

Finally, many comrades from Permanent Revolutionunion leaders like Anasse Kazibunion activists like Laura Varlet (railway worker and trade unionist at Sud Rail) or Marie-Laure Charchar (Secretary CGT Blanchisserie CHU de Bordeaux), student activists from Le Poing Levé, activists from Du Pain and Roses, supported and campaigned for the declaration in their sector and at their universities.

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