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IQ tests are gradually regaining their nobility cards with in-company HR services and with recruiting firms, who use them more willingly than before. Nowadays, the IQ test is adorned with a positive image among the population, it is recognized as reliable, serious and impartial. It allows you to quickly obtain a numerical indication that allows you to locate a candidate. It has always been part of the arsenal of recruitment tests that are used and the company is a particularly favorable place to use it. It alone represents 10% of the tests offered during recruitment.

Indeed, IQ tests have many advantages and quickly identify a candidate’s intellectual profile. Today, many recruiters use IQ tests for their predictive nature in judging an individual’s raw intelligence, but also their ability to get out of complex situations.

What is Intelligence Quotient?

The Intelligence Quotient, commonly known as IQ, is determined after passing a predictive psychometric test called an “IQ test”. The results of this test will be indicative of the intellectual abilities an individual possesses compared to the general population. This is called the standard IQ rating. In fact, according to this model that has prevailed today in relation to the “classic” model, the standard IQ model places the average IQ of the general population at 100. Therefore, there will be as many individuals with an IQ below 100 as individuals with IQ greater than 100 in the general population. The standard Qi rating by the standard deviation of 15 is most often presented as below:

  • From 40 to 54 : extremely low IQ
  • From 55 to 69 : very low IQ
  • From 70 to 84 : low IQ
  • From 85 to 99 : low average IQ
  • from 100 : Average IQ of the general population
  • From 101 to 115 : IQ mid-high
  • From 116 to 130 : high IQ
  • From 131 to 145 : very high IQ
  • From 146 to 160 : Extremely high IQ

Recruitment through the IQ test

The IQ test: a true aptitude test of raw intelligence at the service of recruiters

It is useful to remember that IQ tests include a large number of characteristics that allow a candidate to be placed in their intellectual faculties, which are:

  • Your ability to understand and express yourself verbally,
  • Its reasoning by category and the concepts it develops,
  • Your spatial and visual reasoning with the ability to locate in space,
  • His logical, geometric and mathematical aptitude,
  • Its information processing speed,
  • His spelling and the meaning he gives to words,
  • etc…

By itself, the IQ test only responds to an individual’s intellectual abilities and that in general. Therefore, it will always be relevant to combine an IQ test with other psychometric tests.

Expand the recruiter’s arsenal with the IQ test

The IQ test, which is most often presented under the name of “psychometric test”, can be supplemented by several additional recruitment tests and will reinforce the arsenal available to recruiters. This will help refine a candidate’s “raw intelligence” metric.

Among the other tests that can complete an IQ test by the employer, we will find according to the orientation of the candidate’s profile in recruitment:

  • A personality test,
  • a behavioral test
  • An emotional intelligence test
  • A professional status test
  • A situational judgment test
  • a language test
  • a driving test
  • etc…

The number of tests and the quality of the resulting result must be able to serve the recruitment objectives to better identify the qualities we will look for in a candidate.

RECRUITERS: Take an online IQ test?

In addition, an IQ test for companies will be an important tool for your recruitment strategy. Many quality sites allow this test to be performed online. Finding a site that offers at least thirty calibrated, quality questions is critical. In general, an online IQ test allows you to get a result instantly after taking the test.

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