The company differently: Place for practical solutions

Our country is in the eye of the hurricane. Nothing good in perspective, because it is the open conflicts that, today, lead the country and in the wrong direction. Conflicts that have worsened since July 25th and that are in danger of becoming violent, because political enemies are polishing their weapons.

It should be specified here that, unfortunately, we do not have political opponents, but political enemies. And instead of a healthy political life, we are treated to an arena worthy of a Roman circus, with its gladiators who must fight to the death and a bloodthirsty audience.

The first victim of this worrying situation is the economy. However, when the economy is bad, everything is bad. The recession worsens unemployment, impoverishes social strata, leads to the slow death of infrastructure, not to mention social ferment, the flight of financial, human, symbolic and other capital.

However, since 2011, some have used the economic weapon to kill their political enemy(s). And, to get closer to reality, let’s talk about ideological enemies. Unfortunately, some did everything to prevent the wheels of the economy from turning, only to destabilize and discredit their ideological enemies. And before the famous 25th of July, a frantic race for every actor to get their hands on the state apparatus, Parliament, government, judiciary, Central Bank, internal security forces, National Army, media, religion, women’s cause, Palestinian cause, companies , etc.

Our country is really in danger because of irresponsible actions at all levels, including at the top of the state that is in the process of collapsing. Each wants to impose its own model and use state resources to carry out its own projects. When will we become aware that we already have has reached moral, social (family first) and political bankruptcy and that the state is on the brink of an abyss? Even at an international level, the latter has seen its image tarnished.

It would therefore be necessary to carry out a real revolution. Not thanks to movements in the streets, but thanks to the transformation of mentalities, methods of reflection and work and a real mobilization of all the country’s resources and potential.

For that, the entire current system must be put aside, including the de facto power holder. Legislative and presidential elections must be organized as soon as possible. The new power must create a National Congress that will be responsible for putting everything in order in terms of the country’s great choices and the great reforms to be undertake.

This is the triggering of a participatory and representative process, that is, an institutionalized dialogue (representatives of all elected authorities and national bodies) that will also be responsible for proposing a rescue plan as quickly as possible for the country, the economy above all. .

The state must also intelligently and effectively limit its spending, ban useless imports. Trade unions must, in turn, refrain from exercising their right to strike for an extended period. Everyone should go back to work, think about homework before thinking about entitlements. And companies, in turn, must become more socially (and also socially) responsible and meet their tax obligations. The new power must, at the same time, initiate the necessary procedures to amend the 2014 Constitution, as well as to reform the Electoral code. He must ensure that the country can have a Constitutional Court. He is also called upon to maintain order, ensure security, and put an end to laxity and incivility. Without salvation and, above all, without the adoption of a national plan for the normalization of the population in all vital areas and a second fight against the political and economic illiteracy of the overwhelming majority of the people, summoned to express themselves through the polls on vital issues.

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