Pont-l’Evêque: to save the memories of hundreds of lives, Déménagements Collen pushes the walls

Audrey Gadenne, departmental adviser, Bruno Schmidt, company director and Karine Schmidt, management assistant, in the current warehouse where 800 containers are stored. ©Camille RUFFAY

Furniture storage, an industry he was ? Far from there. To support the development of your activity, Collen Movers in Pont-l’Evêque (Calvados) will increase by 1,000 mtwo. A new building for which it received support from the Region and the Department.

Driven by an entrepreneur at heart

Founded about forty years ago, the company was acquired more than 6 years ago by Bruno Schmidt and his wife Karine, an executive assistant. By taking the controls, this entrepreneur at heart has brought his touch. “A strategic vision”, underlines this Norman with intercontinental experiences. Both moving and storing furniture, the 12-employee company supports life changes of your customers. “Moving represents a third of our activity, furniture storage two thirds”, explains Bruno Schmidt.

Collen recruits and trains

The company is currently recruiting removal drivers and forklift drivers. Experience or not, as the company also takes care of training. Internally, but not only, “we collaborate with Afpa, the National Agency for Professional Training for Adults”, adds Bruno Schmidt. Alternates are also sought after.

His activity related to sociology

Its activity has grown in recent years, with the evolution of the company itself. Starting with the moving sector. This development is linked to the travel sociology, especially the Parisians who turned their second home into their main one,” explains Bruno Schmidt. Among its fleet of about ten trucks, one shuttles back and forth between Paris and Normandy every day. But also on the other side of the globe: “we are increasingly taking care of changes abroad”.

Its core business activity, furniture storage, is not empty either. “It is a technical and simple solution” and relatively cheap. an aspect practice for some, as when moving house. Or more sentimental for others, how not to get rid of the family’s furniture to better experience grief. The development of this sector is linked to “heritage, the grandpa boom phenomenon and the evolution of society”, such as the return to more rational consumption. “We see the return of furniture dealers”, takes Bruno Schmidt as an example.

Movers Collen Pont-l'Eveque
Your new 1,000 m2 building. ©Camille RUFFAY

A new 1000 m2 building

In its current 2,000 m warehousetwo located in the Launay business park are stored 800 containers of 8 m3. “Or 6,400m3 of personal objects”, summarizes the director. This is where the memories of hundreds of lives lie. “We have a client who has been there since the beginning, whether he is 35 years old, he smiles, or even well-known personalities. The average turnover of a container is three years. »

Movers Collen Pont-l'Eveque
The 1000 m2 building on the left will be delivered shortly. ©Camille RUFFAY

An ongoing activity for which the company had to push the walls. A new 1000 m2 building is under construction at the same location. “This will alleviate congestion on our current storage space and accommodate the containers currently stored at one of our subcontractors in Lisieux.” The building, which should be delivered within a month, will accommodate up to 200 containers. The building hasn’t been delivered yet, so it’s already full.

Total cost of works: €450,000. For this project, the company received support from the Region in the amount of €70,000 and Departmental Council up to €132,000. For the help of the latter, it is a 0-rate loan for a period of 7 years and 11 months. “The Departmental Council can support SMEs, VSEs and ETIs in their real estate investment project”, recalls Audrey Gadenne, Departmental Councilor for the canton.

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Movers Collen Pont-l'Eveque
Audrey Gadenne, departmental advisor, Bruno Schmidt, company director and Karine Schmidt, executive assistant, in the new building. ©Camille RUFFAY

Another change awaits society. When it’s not the company that moves its customers, it’s the company that moves them. While its warehouses are located in the Launay area of ​​Pont-l’Evêque, its offices until now were located in Saint-Arnoult. They will be logo transferred to Ringtones in the former Les Marianik chocolate factory.

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