who’s going to want this electric SUV that pushes the boundaries?

BMW has decided to occupy the electric car market, where it is only accessible to a minority. With its phenomenal torque and refined, luxurious presentation, the iX M60 electric SUV is the perfect illustration of this. What do you think of this extraordinary vehicle?

small comparison

The M60 version represents the latest and most powerful evolution of the BMW iX. Then the xDrive50 seems calmer. Instead, judge! The 2 models have 2 wound rotor motors, of which the front develops a power of 190 kW (258 hp). It flies in the rear, with 364 kW (489 hp), against 233 kW (313 hp) of the iX xDrive50.

Together they provide the driver with 455 kW (618 hp). Compared to the 385 kW (523 hp) of the model we tested in September 2021. Peak torque also changes significantly. It was 765 Nm. It goes with the M60 at 1,015 Nm (Sport mode), and up to 1,100 Nm when the release control is enabled.

No change to NCA (Nickel-Cobalt-Aluminium) Li-Ion package with useful power capacity from 105.2 kWh to 111.5 kWh in total.

Adapted frame

To better meet the performance promised by BMW, the iX M60 is housed in a specific chassis. It gets recalibrated air suspensions and an increased stabilizer bar. The driver can intervene from his seat to adjust certain parameters that will affect driving comfort.

The copy at our disposal is based on 22-inch alloy wheels (21-inch as standard) fitted with wide tires but with a thin bead (275/40) specially developed by Pirelli for the newcomer (+ 2,150 euros) . They barely hide the blue brake calipers, with 4 pistons in the front and single piston in the rear.

Our BMW iX test escapes alpine white by default. The metallic red Aventurine that wears it costs 2,500 euros. It stands out for its bronze-colored rods at the base of the side windows and exterior mirrors (+ 650 euros), but also for a smoked black presentation of the rear lights. The driver will appreciate the standard laser headlights. an acronym ” M60 betrayed the electric SUV version. It is possible to do without it, for free.

a spacious cabin

The dimensions of the BMW iX are maintained in the M60 version: 4.95 x 1.97 m in relation to the footprint, for a height of 1.70 m. Behind the tailgate, the trunk doesn’t look too wide. Its volume of 500 liters increases to 1,750 liters by folding the backrest into 3 parts that will form a flat floor. Relatively deep, the double bottom will not, however, allow you to store much more than the small emergency electric compressor and charging cables.

On board, passengers will be greeted by a thick carpet and will no doubt be surprised to note the presence of a carbon coating that solidifies the door frames for the first time. The latter are cleaned from window edges. Smoke in the back, they are far from going down completely.

The absence of a central service tunnel on the ground makes it possible to accommodate 3 people on the bench, with plenty of legroom. The 2 occupants installed on the sides will benefit from USB-C sockets, multiple storage spaces including a rigid chaplain, separate ventilation and heated seats.


The finish looks impeccable on this new electric car. Diamond-shaped knobs are used to adjust the heated and ventilated multi-function seats at the front, which are standard on the BMW iX M60. They are covered in stitched leather, as is the dashboard.

The latter supports a curved row of two screens, respectively 12.3 inches behind the steering wheel for instrumentation and a 14.9-inch touchscreen on the right for managing vehicle functions. Compatible with Call CarPlay and Android Auto, it is very fluid and responsive, without being the most efficient on the market.

A smartphone app also lets you animate the vehicle remotely. Not just playing on battery charge or onboard temperature. You can also sound the horn, turn on the headlights or lock the doors.

Unconventionally, the steering wheel will inevitably be appreciated in various ways by the machine’s drivers. The left branch supports settings for driver assistance devices, including cruise control. The opposite is dedicated to the multimedia system.

first laps

Three driving modes are available for the driver: Personal, Sport and Efficient. The latter is more particularly adapted to evolve in the city, with the key on paper, less consumption. The size of the vehicle suggests a relatively high turning circle. In fact, it’s 12.3 m. Note that the rear wheels are slightly steered as standard for easy manoeuvring.

The first meters covered testify to an artificial sound specific to the M60 version of BMW’s electric SUV.

The machine weighs 2,585 tons. And yet, driving on country roads doesn’t feel it. The vehicle’s good balance, air suspension clearance and very direct steering partly explain this impression. The braking system matches the performance of the German electric SUV.

On the road

On the road, Sport mode further energizes the mighty BMW iX. We immediately understand that the estimated 3.8 s to complete 0-100 km/h is not a random number. It took 4.6s for the xDrive50 version. Top speed has also been revised upwards: 250 versus 200 km/h. Even already driving at 120 km/h, times seem monstrous.

An M4 doesn’t do better, you’d have to get the 4WD xDrive model to successfully follow through on acceleration or an M5 “, compares Maxime Fontanier.

At high speeds, the steering remains light and well-calibrated. Without the laminated windows, the air noise is noticeable, but not excessive for an SUV of the size of the BMW iX. Plus, wide, sporty tires are easily overlooked. ” We have quite exceptional sound comfort “says our electric vehicle expert.

Equipped to read signals, the vehicle adapts its speed to traffic signals, making it easier, for example, to exit expressways. The M60 version is equipped as standard with all driver assistance systems. ” He drives almost alone, this iX », Enjoy our tester.

towing capacity

Highlight: 2.5 tonnes towing capacity for the BMW iX M60. Maxime Fontanier indicates that the coupling is billable at 1,250 euros. From May 23, 2022, the BMW France website imposes the Limited Edition Pro package for 5,300 euros. Wanting to delete it results in this message being displayed: ” After a product offering update, it is temporarily impossible to remove this option from your configuration “.

However, among the 15 options included in this set is precisely the hitch. But also the panoramic Sky Lounge glass roof, the 4-zone automatic air conditioning, the Park Assist Pro which allows you to drive the car from outside into a parking space that is too narrow, the hands-free key, the closing of the doors without any noise from beats, DAB digital radio tuner, Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound Hi-Fi system, etc.

consumption and charging

During our test, linking different terrains together, we recorded an average consumption of 24.3 kWh. High numbers, certainly, especially when aligning them with those of a Tesla Model Y. Even less, performing this exercise with a Model X.

In an ultra-fast charger, the BMW iX M60 packs 195 kW over a relatively large range. This was still the case with just over 60% battery power. With the BMW app, there’s no need to pull out a badge: starting and stopping charging can be done from a smartphone.


The price list for the BMW iX normally starts on May 23, 2022 at 86,450 euros. The manufacturer’s website, however, adds no-action options on your part that will quickly get you out of that perimeter. So, even selecting the basic configuration, you are already at 94,060 euros. It’s painful ! You have to check what has been added to try to remove it… when possible.

Here, it is already a Limited Edition package, impossible to remove, and of which a detail of the equipment it includes is not easily offered. Likewise, the M60 version starts at €141,800 instead of the €136,500 rightly advertised in the video. Rims, metallic paint, etc. : add even more than 5,000 euros of options identified in the copy at our disposal. Here too the delta corresponds to the Limited Edition Pro package imposed a priori and about which we have already spoken.

The 2021 BMW iX Electric SUV in the Sport Pack

Regarding the configurator and associated functions, the BMW website is undoubtedly the most complicated and dissuasive to use among manufacturers offering electric vehicle offers. Be that as it may, at an equivalent level of equipment, Maxime Fontanier calculated a difference of just 4,000 euros with the iX xDrive50 tested last September. Have fun checking!

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