The success of “Start-up Nation”, source of inspiration

Marked by the signing of 13 memoranda of understanding to strengthen B2B activities between the economic and commercial operators of the two countries, the Forum “Morocco-Israel: Connecting to Innovate” was also marked by the pre-recorded speech by Israeli President Isaac Herzog. In addition to the participation of the King’s Counselor, André Azoulay, the Forum was also attended by the CEO of Start-Up Nation Central, Avi Hasson, as well as several senior officials from both countries.

The “planetary” success of the “Start-up Nation” is a source of inspiration for Morocco, said Monday in Casablanca, the Counselor of HM the King, André Azoulay, on the occasion of the Forum “Morocco-Israel: Connect to Innovate ” Speaking at the opening ceremony of this forum, whose work ends today, Mr. Azoulay indicated that it is a completely new business model that Israel has decided to propose to Morocco. innovation in the dynamics of development. “The success of the Israeli model in terms of technology and innovation will only make sense to us if we learn from it lessons that will allow us to fully exist in this world that faces multiple changes and transformations that are taking place before our eyes.” , argued Mr. Azoulay. At the same time, the Counselor to His Excellency the King underlined that the partnerships between Morocco and Israel, and the innovations that emanate from them, “will help us to guarantee that in the Middle East, Israelis and Palestinians find the path of serenity, coexistence and sharing”. He asked never to lose sight of our heritage, both moral, political, historical, and the responsibility to keep focused on goals, on the values ​​of shared dignity, freedom, sovereignty and justice.

Morocco, continued Mr. Azoulay, is one of those rare countries that considers that its own dignity is only complete when it is shared with partners or people from the same universe, adding that the values ​​of peace and stability defended by the United Kingdom are the consensus between officials and all Moroccan citizens. . Expressing his unwavering optimism about Morocco’s development, Azoulay said he was convinced that when “my children and grandchildren talk about Morocco tomorrow, it will be a country that will play in the big leagues” thanks to their partnerships. opportunity to enter the world of excellence and performance.

President Isaac Herzog: Morocco and Israel can develop innovative solutions for peace

In a video recorded on the occasion of the inauguration ceremony, Israeli President Isaac Herzog stated that “Morocco and Israel can, together, develop innovative solutions, mainly in the field of technology, that will improve lives, livelihoods and quality of life, and will promote progress and peace throughout the Middle East, Africa and beyond.” Highlighting the ties of cooperation between the two peoples that date back several centuries, the Israeli Head of State affirmed his recognition of the central role of Israelis of Moroccan origin in the development of the State of Israel and the contribution of the Moroccan Jewish community to the history of the Kingdom of Morocco. “I imagined a 10 year old child, somewhere in the Muslim world, observing how Morocco and Israel can think, build and create together. peace as a reality and a real alternative to coexistence in the Middle East,” Herzog said of the cooperation between the two countries, expressing his “deep respect” to His Majesty King Mohammed VI and thanking him for his commitment to peaceful and friendly relations between the two nations. Herzog also highlighted that through partnerships and win-win cooperation, the two countries can create a new reality in food security, technology and health care, expand the circle of peace in the world and build lasting stability and a prosperous future for our children and the entire North African region.

Morocco and Israel: a solid, dynamic, innovative partnership in tune with global technological developments

Also speaking at this forum, the Minister of Industry and Commerce, Ryad Mezzour, said that the economic partnership between Morocco and Israel is solid, dynamic, innovative and in line with global technological developments. The official emphasized that Morocco and Israel have embarked on the path of win-win collaboration in mutually beneficial areas. This forum, he maintained, makes it possible to further explore avenues for development in promising areas, namely agribusiness, energy, logistics and water. These are priority projects for Morocco in economic and industrial terms and which are perfectly aligned with the new development model (NMD), which promotes sovereignty, innovation, research and development (R&D) and innovative entrepreneurship, said Mr. Mezzour. In turn, the Minister of Digital Transition and Administrative Reform, Ghita Mezzour, stressed that innovation is one of the pillars of the NMD, underlining Morocco’s ambition to develop a technology and innovation ecosystem based on its high-quality human capital that makes Kingdom an essential outsourcing destination.

Morocco is working to develop a new legislative framework that will give new impetus to national startups, he recalled, noting that the government is mobilized to make all necessary efforts to make the most of the potential offered by the national ecosystem. The Minister of Transport and Logistics, Mohammed Abdeljalil, in turn, spoke of the importance that the NMD attaches to the mobility of people and logistics, and whose provisions establish the ambition of sustainable mobility for all, competitive logistics at the service of the national economy. and simplified and digitized transport administration. After specifying that these three dimensions include innovation as the main driver, Mr. Abdeljalil encouraged Moroccan and Israeli startups to meet and share their respective experiences in this field. He also expressed his department’s willingness to facilitate contact with companies placed under his supervision.

Initiated jointly by Start-Up Nation Central and Consensus Public Relations, this Forum aims to be a unique event that brings together Moroccan and Israeli leaders, from the private and public sectors, around the topic of technological innovation in the areas of agri-food, l water, logistics, energy and sustainable development. On this occasion, 13 memoranda of understanding regarding the development of innovative solutions were signed by the Moroccan and Israeli parties to strengthen business to business (B2B) activities between the economic and commercial operators of the two countries and those that unite government entities.


Avi Hasson, CEO of Start-Up Nation Central: “Morocco offers a framework conducive to innovation”

For Avi Hasson, CEO of Start-Up Nation Central, Morocco offers a framework conducive to innovation, thanks to the vision of HM King Mohammed VI, which allowed the development of a new development model putting transformation at the center of its concerns. “Today, we feel the desire to work together for the benefits of our two countries, to further transform our economies and address the common challenges that lie ahead,” he said, highlighting Morocco’s potential through its innovation ecosystem. We want to seal strong ties between Moroccan and Israeli companies, because innovation first requires broad and solid collaboration that allows interconnectivity between different ecosystems, said Mr. Hasson, adding that cooperation ties must be strengthened, established at all levels of public and private in the two countries.

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