The new eco – The company Spécific Log at the top of eco-responsible logistics

For all those who think that companies specializing in logistics and transport are not environmentally friendly, Specific Log in Longvic today proves the opposite. The company has just received, in May 2022, the Ecovadis Gold Medal, an internationally recognized classification organization for evaluating the CSR policies of 90,000 companies. The EcoVadis rating focuses on its policies in favor of the environment, Social and Human Rights, Ethics and Responsible Purchasing. Specific Log employs over thirty people in the Côte-d’Or at its Longvic and Baigneux-les-Juifs locations. Interview with its managing director, Franck Beguin.

Franck Beguin, Managing Director of Specific Log © Radio France
Christophe Tourne

“This gold medal is really the result of a whole team, daily work and choices”. explains Franck Beguin, General Manager of Specific Log. 100% of the pallets shipped are recycled pallets. 80% of the boxes placed on the market are second life boxes. A true eco-responsible choice in the management of approaches and everything that the Longvic company implements. In addition to the environmental aspect, it is also a broader choice, especially in the social field that Ecovadis rewards, especially that of integrating people who are not necessarily from the seraglio and sometimes even with difficulty finding work. “We integrate them into an entire long-term in-house training course, which makes it possible to make them quality team members and well integrated into the company.” says Franck Beguin.

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Specific Log specializes in the logistics of marketing and sales tools in France. What does this mean exactly?

In fact, we are specialists in logistics, in all the tools used to promote brands and products in the territory, regardless of distribution channels.

Do you have, for example, among your ecosystem customers, a company that recovers appliances or old light bulbs, what service do you provide?

We will store the furniture on our platforms, assemble this equipment and ship it all over France to install it at points of sale, together with consumers. where they will be used for the recovery of electrical and electronic waste. We will maintain this equipment and potentially restore it, repair it to ensure these materials are as durable as possible.

How many customers do you have?

We have about a hundred customers all over France at a time, with the same problem of assembly, disassembly, storage and shipping.

How many shipments do you make per year?

I think around 400 to 500 shipments a month, so around 5 to 6,000 shipments a year. This represents a turnover of around 10 million euros.

Specific Log is located on two 6,000 square meter platforms in Baigneux-les-Juifs and Longvic. Why two sites?

In fact, historically, the company was created, founded in 2000 in the north of the Côte-d’Or on a land of economic revitalization. It is also for us a way of contributing to our commitment to the territory. We chose to integrate people who, thanks to training, become quite formidable and very agile team members. Therefore, a great success of integration in a complicated territory in terms of employment.

Is it a business that is constantly growing?

We had a very strong growth until the Covid crisis. Lockdowns and health restrictions resulted in a major disruption for us. We are once again well oriented and I think 2022 will see a return to pre-Covid levels.

You have just received the Gold Medal from Ecovadis, is it a great reward?

It is a great reward and it also gives us meaning. When you are in a logistics and transport company, you know that you are potentially a company with a strong environmental impact. Ensuring that we contribute, through our activities, to limiting this impact, I consider this to be a major challenge for all employees. Specific Log is among the less than 1% of the most valued companies in logistics. So we’re at the top. Let’s continue this daily work. And then I think, two years from now, I will carry out a new assessment to verify that everything that is put into practice continues to allow both growth and the maximum limitation of the impact on society.

Ready-to-ship ecosystem customer logistics
Ready-to-ship ecosystem customer logistics
Specific Record
The Ecovadis Gold Medal awarded to Specific Log
The Ecovadis Gold Medal awarded to Specific Log

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