The lunch break at the company, a key moment to nurture your employer brand – HR Strategy

The benefits of a business lunch break

Increase productivity at work

To have a healthy lifestyle, there is no secret: the day should be punctuated by several meals, especially lunch that contributes the most to energy intake. However, the company lunch break is not just about food! This moment of pause, usually located in the middle of the day, is also an opportunity to relieve pressure, take a step back, clear your head… In short, to recharge your batteries. The goal? Combats fatigue and stress that can affect work efficiency.

To have a beneficial effect on concentration and productivity, the break must be spatial and psychological. In other words, we force ourselves to leave our workspace and relieve ourselves of all the mental burdens that fall on us, in the office and at home. However, only 23% of employees take the opportunity to relax or rest according to a study carried out by YouGov for Foodles! In question, the temptation of social networks (for 30% of respondents) or even personal tasks (21%) that occupy mainly the breaks.

Contribute to the well-being of employees

Subway, work, sleep… Lunch marks a real break in a timed day, especially for employees’ parents. Hence the importance of not neglecting the lunch break, between 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the company’s activity, to allow employees to regularly pamper themselves with a time for yourself »: watching a series, listening to a podcast, playing a sport, shopping, etc. In this way, the lunch break promotes better balance between professional and personal life.

But for most employees, the lunch break at the company rhymes above all with conviviality. privileged moment for create links between colleagues over a meal, whether or not followed by a game, this precious time continually improves the quality of professional relationships and allows everyone to fulfill their daily tasks “Sociability” Meter “. Meeting, sharing, exchanging… The lunch break, a vector of social bonds, has a direct impact on achievement at work!

Lunch break: what opportunities for the employer brand?

Strengthen the bond with the company

get a room nice and convivial meal it is the sine qua non for a successful lunch break. In addition to the room area, which must be large enough to accommodate all (or most) of the employees, the break room must be thought of as a real exchange place conducive to social bonds and team cohesion. The goal ? Improve the employee experience within the company to motivate, engage and retain members for the long term.

Certain actions that are cheap and easy to implement, integrated into a global approach to happiness management », are enough to strengthen the bond with the company. Ping-pong, board games or a shared coffee machine, for example, make it possible to extend the lunch hour in a good mood. Do you want to encourage your employees to take time off? Add sofas, armchairs or ottomans where they can micro-snooze to resume their functions in the best possible condition. A rested employee is a happy employee !

Conveying strong values

Employees who take advantage of their lunch break to decompress may be more likely to connect with their employer brand at this time of day. So take the opportunity to strengthen your corporate culture ! To tangibly embody the values ​​you hold dear, remember to treat yourself with treats that will accompany your employees throughout the meal.

Occasional corporate gifts, the nomadic water bottle, lunch box and cutlery personalized with the company logo have been a resounding success with employees. Ambassadors of the zero waste trend, they encourage their employees to bring their home-cooked meals (instead of prepared or take-out meals) and thus contribute to the reduction of waste generated during the lunch break. Result? A lunch break greener, healthier and above all more corporate!

With the perpetuation of teleworking, it is difficult for the employer brand to fill the room during the lunch break. Picnics, sports activities, outings to restaurants… To bring all your employees together and maintain team cohesion, do not hesitate to organize internal lunchtime events from time to time. Something to satisfy your teams in terms of employee experience!

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