the Camtech company will supply around 10,000 homes in the east by 2023

It is with joy that Lazare Abbo, head of the district of Kampolepi, located on the outskirts of Batouri, capital of the department of Kadey, in the east, received the news of the imminent arrival of electric current in his neighborhood. “There is no light in Kampolepi. We live in total darkness with flashlights and streetlamps we buy from shopkeepers. Sometimes, we don’t have to travel several kilometers to get to the city when we have to do work that requires electric current”, said the chief, who participated in the preparatory meeting for the work of collecting data necessary for the structuring of the work. in the municipality of Batouri. These works were carried out on May 18, 2022, in the deeds room of the municipality in the presence of the mayor of the municipality of Batouri, Auberlin Mbelessa d’Abdou and Cameroon Technology (Camtech) Sarl, represented by its manager General François Xavier Amougou Departmental delegates from sectoral ministries, municipal councilors and village chiefs were also present. for the municipality, the company and the populations. In fact, the studies started last year, but there was a change due to the economic situation. Priority will be given to the large villages of our commune that do not have access to electricity supplied by the Eneo network”, said the mayor, appealing to traditional chiefs to collaborate with data collection agents who will be on the ground on May 23, 2022 .

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On May 19, 2022, the Camtech delegation held a similar meeting with the mayor, councilors and deputy mayor of Bertoua 2eme. An agreement worth 6 billion FCFA for the production, transmission and distribution of 5 MW of solar energy in 5,000 homes was signed with the aforementioned municipality at the beginning of the year. During the meeting, Camtech’s CEO announced that 80% of this funding has already been mobilized. The latter also specified that the company and its partners are working hard to find the remaining 20%. The mayor of the municipality, Omer Solla Pitol, in turn, also announced the availability of a 5-hectare plot of land for the construction of the solar field.


Whether in Batouri or Bertoua, the CEO of Camtech clarified that the law in Cameroon allows municipalities to have their own energy sources of up to 5 MW. In addition, the project will also be an economic lever for the municipalities, because thanks to the electric current, economic activities and even the transformation of natural resources will be born automatically. Other benefits of the project are digital opening, job creation, technology transfer and increased local tax collection. Furthermore, stressed Camtech’s CEO, the project is a great opportunity for both municipalities because the latter will not go into debt, but will have additional income in return. “The municipality will make the land available and give its guarantee of obtaining administrative and institutional facilities for carrying out the project”, said Batouri and Bertoua 2º.. For now, the exact number of these projects will be known after detailed studies. “The studies will determine the exact value. The project will cost several billion and our company relies on the facilities and incentives given by the government to investors,” said Mr. Aougou.

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At an operational level, Camtech, according to its CEO, has the technological and financial means to carry out this project in Batori and Bertoua 2eme. To support its ability to build, transport and manage energy in 5,000 homes in each of the municipalities, Camtech’s senior management indicated that “Camtech has been in Cameroon since 2002. This company specializes in telecommunications, fiber optics, solar energy, digital and management training. It also has a turnover of around 4 billion FCFA with around 50 employees per year and has already carried out several projects.

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Cameroon Technology (Camtech) Sarl is a Cameroonian company that provides services in the areas of: energy, telecommunications, electronic banking, among others.

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