Loire-Atlantique: mobile grocery store, car wash… Espacea can provide many services to the population

And the local delivery van, traveling grocery store ©L’Echo de la presqu’île

Espacea, an employment-oriented company opened in Pontchâteau as part of the Territory Zero Long-Term Unemployed (TZCLD) scheme, is now operational.

As in all experimental territories, this company opens its doors to partners and the general public, Monday 30th of May to Friday 3rd of June to make visible the useful and complementary works that can be carried out on a city scale.

38 signings

That’s because the stakes are high: with 38 people permanently unemployed, hired on a permanent contract, there are many possibilities for action.

And this open door will give you visibility. Residents and local actors are more particularly invited to visit the company on Friday, June 3 at 9:00 am and 2:00 pm (1).

Four service centers for residents of Pontchâtelain

Four main areas structure the company’s operation.

“The resident care center offers home delivery of orders made to merchants in the village, door-to-door mobile grocery service, collection and shredding of green waste, small jobs and various services (including moments of socializing, games, reading , walking, etc. and cleaning the interior of the vehicle »

Magalie Fonteneau, director of Espacea.

But that is not all.

The newly created workshops were presented by employees during the opening (here the interior cleaning of vehicles for individuals and companies)...
The workshops were presented by the employees, such as the interior cleaning of vehicles for individuals and companies)… ©L’Echo de la presqu’île

A business services center provides additional assistance such as “porter, card service, mobility assistance, hedge maintenance, vehicle interior cleaning and punctual assistance. »

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In addition, the community service center offers weeding sidewalks, cleaning ditches, distributing the municipal magazine, combating digital disruption workshop and preparing Christmas packages for the elderly.

Reuse with material library

“Finally, the materials library will allow the recovery and resale of materials, the restoration and transformation of furniture, the creation of furniture from pallets, the sale of reclaimed wood for DIY, cutting to order, delivery and collection of parts voluminous objects and the creation of reused fabric objects »

Magalie Fonteneau, director of Espacea.

“By being a player in the circular economy and a vector of social cohesion and participating in the ecological transition, we respect our commitments made since our involvement in the Zero Long-Term Unemployed Territory experience”

Danielle Cornet, mayor.

During the inauguration, on Monday, May 9, the elected representative recalled in passing that the supervision team and employees will offer complementary services creating innovative and non-competitive solidarity activities “in partnership with the commercial and associative fabric of the municipal territory”. .

TZCLD… in a nutshell!

The Zero Territories Long-Term Unemployed experience, to which the city of Pontchâteau (the first in the Loire-Atlantique) has just been officially added, has the main objective of charting another course in the fight against long-term unemployment.

In particular, it makes it possible to redistribute the costs associated with long-term job deprivation, in order to help to sustainably finance jobs that are socially useful for the territories, in addition to those existing locally and guaranteeing decent working conditions.

The first experimental phase involved 10 territories between 2016 and 2021. Currently, 21 territories at national level are involved in the process. In these territories, since the beginning of the experiment, almost 1,300 additional jobs have been created.

dates to remember

Thursday, June 2nd. At 9 am and 2 pm, for emerging projects, presentation of the project and its implementation by the project team and CLE representatives. Visit of EBE Espacea, Jean-Yves Plaisance Room, in Coët Roz, Pontchâteau.
Friday, June 3rd. At 9 am and 2 pm, for residents and local actors, presentation of the project and its implementation by the project team and CLE representatives. Visit of the company EBE Espacea. Abbey area – 1 rue Archimède, Pontchâteau. Mandatory reservation with the City Council (TZCLD service) on 07 72 18 63 61.

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