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Today, more and more companies organize internal events. These events, which can be seminars, parties, incentive events or even study days, bring many advantages to the professional environment. Among more accomplished employees, better team cohesion but also better communication, these events bring inevitable benefits.

What are the types of events?

As stated above, there are four main types of professional events. With an organization and specific objectives for each one, companies choose the one that best suits their needs and expectations: residential seminar, study day, Team Building or company night.

residential seminars

Seminars are the most organized events by companies. What could be better than taking your team on board in a different environment for a short stay? For your seminar, a wide choice is available for you to find the ideal destination. Instead of a mountain setting? at sea ? in total immersion with nature? in a big city? The field of possibilities is open to you!

During your event, we recommend that you set up activities to live a unique experience with your team, such as incentive events.

team builds

What better than Team Building to unite your team and strengthen its cohesion?

First appearing in the United States in the 1980s, team building events are today unmissable in-house professional events. Team Building brings together different types of activities, which can be sports (such as the Olympics), fun (darts tournaments), recreational (blind tests) but also activities that provoke everyone’s reflection (escape games for example).

Wherever you are, you will find a large number of locations ready to welcome you and offer you an original Team Building that will perfectly match your expectations.

study days

Increasingly organized in recent years, study days are meetings that combine training and information. For this, companies have the possibility to book different types of places such as meeting rooms, training rooms, conference rooms, amphitheaters but also hotels with meeting rooms, or even more atypical places such as cinemas or boats. There are three main types of study days:

  • Training study days which, as the name implies, aim to train employees.
  • The effective study days that are set up in a short period (half a day).
  • The unifying study days where the objective is to federate the members of a team.

company nights

Corporate nights consist of spending a moment of conviviality in the company of its associates, away from the daily routine. Indeed, during this event, you can opt for a seated dinner, a cocktail dinner, a buffet for what is a meal and continue with a dance party. Many places are at your disposal for a professional evening: a restaurant, a disco, a bar, a reception room or a loft or an apartment.

There are a plethora of activities to set up to score your event, such as blind tests or calling a magician.

What are the benefits of professional events?

The organization of internal events offers many advantages to the company. Indeed, these allow to strengthen team cohesion, train employees, stimulate their creativity or even create a corporate culture.

Strengthen team cohesion

Professional events allow you to bring your associates together in a different place from the daily environment, where your team members will feel more motivated to get to know each other and thus strengthen cohesion. In addition to bringing them together, these events will also improve communication and thus have a more efficient team at work.

train employees

Taking a day or so to train your employees will allow for better learning and better pedagogy. In fact, to make training more fun, don’t hesitate to call a speaker so your associates can interact with him and better understand the subject.

Stimulate creativity

Nothing better than a new place to stimulate the creativity of the participants. The fact of embarking your team in a place in the green, in the mountains or in an atypical space will allow them to be more inspired and more creative.

Create a strong corporate culture

A seminar, an evening, a group activity or other is a good way to create a strong corporate culture. Employees will feel more motivated for future projects and rewarded for previous ones. In addition, they will also have a stronger sense of belonging to the company.

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