where are French companies in adopting MACH architectures?

In France, 54% of Directors of Information Systems (DSI) are unaware that they would benefit from greater agility and could further personalize the customer experience if they adopted a MACH architecture. This is revealed by a survey conducted in November 2021 by OpinionWay for Emakina, commercetools and Fluent Commerce.

Two hundred companies with a hundred or more employees and at least one e-commerce site were asked. They are of different sizes, operate in different sectors of activity and in different regions. The objective is to identify the level of maturity of French companies in terms of the so-called MACH architectures compared to organizations in the rest of the world.

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MACH architecture: what are we talking about?

“MACH” is the acronym for Micro-services, API-first, Cloud-native and Headless, and corresponds to a new way of thinking and building the architecture of your digital business ecosystem. This is an innovative approach to understanding a brand’s digital landscape, but also to offering your customers a unified experience across all touchpoints.

The mechanism of MACH architectures is a far cry from that of monolithic architectures, where e-commerce platforms are built from a single block. All services are interdependent and must be compatible with each other to function properly.

MACH offers management by microservices. They are linked through cloud-hosted APIs that decouple systems from each other. This architecture thus gives brands the possibility to design an e-commerce platform that is much more flexible, scalable and agile. This study report will allow you to know all the advantages of an ecosystem built according to the “MACH” characteristics.


lagging French companies

The second part of this report compares the interest of French and foreign companies in MACH architecture. In the US, UK and Germany, 81% of business decision makers have the firm intention of increasing the number of MACH solutions in their IT architecture in the next twelve months (MEL Institute Research study for the MACH alliance). In these markets, organizations are aware of the benefits of distributed architectures for their business. Now they want to act.

The results of the OpinionWay survey for Emakina offer a completely different reality from that observed abroad. In France, only 12% of respondents, all sectors combined, say they have heard of MACH architectures and their characteristics. Among them, 5% admit not knowing exactly what it is. Thus, the percentage of connoisseurs is only 7%. Of the 12% who have heard about it, 70% believe they don’t even need it.
The main reasons mentioned are related to financial risk for 48% of respondents, followed by the risk of service interruption for 39%. For 4 out of 10 respondents, their lack of interest in MACH is due to lack of knowledge. This can be explained by the lack of case studies on this subject in France.

The report notes, however, that internationally as in France, an increase in “full-MACH” consultations and projects has been observed since late 2021. French CIOs still appear to be in the observation phase and have not yet invested in solutions to design a more flexible and scalable IT infrastructure. They document and inform themselves to, perhaps, release soon. This is essential to stay competitive.

The Emakina, commercetools and Fluentcommerce report will provide a better understanding of the position of French companies in relation to distributed architecture. It will be helpful for you to understand all the advantages of this solution.


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