Testimonies of sexual assault multiply at Tesla and SpaceX

The storm is brewing around Elon Musk. No, not this time for the acquisition (or not) of Twitter, not for spaceflight, or even electric cars. The richest man in the world and his main companies, Tesla and SpaceX, are the target of several complaints and allegations of sexual assault.

The last statement is published on May 20, in Internal and dates back to 2016. A woman explains that her SpaceX flight attendant friend, after being hired, was recommended to train a massage therapist to operate the multi-billionaire’s private jet, a Gulfstream G650ER. What did she do. It was during a massage in the private cabin of the jet that the event would have taken place.

A horse offered for sex

According to her claims, Elon Musk, naked under his towel, turned around during the massage, showed her his erect penis and started touching her. So he would have offered to buy her a horse (the hostess is avid horseback riding) if she “did more”. She refuses and leaves.

Concerned about her position, she prefers to act “as if nothing happened”. But the company is gradually taking it off the schedules. In 2018, she hired a lawyer and submitted a sexual abuse complaint to SpaceX, supported by signed testimonials from colleagues. After a meeting, in which Elon Musk attended, the case is resolved without the need to plead in court, as permitted by US law. SpaceX signs a check for $250,000 so the case doesn’t go any further in court and she remains silent.

“These accusations are totally false”

Such agreements have been banned since late 2018 in California in cases of sexual assault, discrimination or assault, unless requested by the victim. SpaceX’s headquarters are in Hawthorne. Even if Elon Musk wants to transfer him to Texas.

Technically, the victim did not terminate the contract: it was a friend and former colleague who did.

On Twitter, Elon Musk defended himself. “These accusations are totally false.” “I challenge this liar who says her friend saw me ‘discovered’: tell me something, anything (scars, tattoos…) that is not public knowledge,” he said. “She can’t do that, because it never happened.”

“Political Attacks” After Joining the Republicans

And to continue: “The attacks on me must be viewed through a political prism – it’s their usual (despicable) way of doing things.” In fact, on May 18, Elon Musk’s Tweets that he will no longer vote for Democrats, but for Republicans. Since then, critics have merged. He also warned that “political attacks” against him “will increase dramatically in the coming months.”

However, as revealed Internal and On the edge, these tweets appeared shortly after publishers tried to contact him to react to these allegations. After several repeated requests, Elon Musk ended up responding Internal “If I were a sex offender, other testimonies would have already become public during my 30-year career.”

Tesla and SpaceX’s Sexual Predation Zones

However, SpaceX and Tesla have already been at the center of allegations of sexual assault and inappropriate behavior. In 2021, five former SpaceX employees revealed that they had suffered attacks and advances from colleagues and their superiors. For example, Ashley Kosak describes several ringtones. And although the reports were brought to the attention of human resources, no action or response was taken.

A woman went public with her daily life at Tesla, in Fremont: “Almost every day for three years, my colleagues and I suffered sexual objectification, threats, touches or even indecent proposals in the speeches of the workshops”. Jessica Barraza repeatedly reported the issues to human resources, to no avail, before filing a criminal complaint in November 2021. A month earlier, Tesla was ordered to pay $137 million to a Fremont employee for racism and a hostile environment. And as early as 2017, the Fremont branch was described as a “predation zone” by an engineer in a lawsuit.

In all the complaints and in all the testimonies, one opinion comes back: that this sexist culture is dubbed from above. “When Elon Musk tweets sexist things, it reinforces the sense of impunity of the group’s harassers. After all, if he talks about it, it’s because it’s allowed”, describes Jessica Barraza.

As usual, Elon Musk spoke… on twitter. Making a below-the-belt joke: “Finally, we can use Elongate as a nickname for a scandal. Perfect for now.” “Elongate”, in English, can be translated as “elongated”.

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