SME Universe | A bigger hangar for bigger carriers at Airmedic

Airmedic thinks big – four times bigger, to be precise.

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Marc Tison

Marc Tison
The press

As the company specializing in aeromedical assistance and transport celebrates its 10thand anniversary, its CEO, Sophie Larochelle, announced the construction at Saint-Hubert airport of a new headquarters with a larger hangar.

The 71,500 square foot complex⁠2 will open the door to an expansion of the company’s aircraft and activities, which is thinking about passenger transport.

The investment is 18 million dollars. Construction will start next June, likely to end in spring 2023.

“We got a little tighter. There were two or three of us per office, we had to do some Tetris with our devices in the hangar,” notes Sophie Larochelle.

“It was harder to add a new device or decide that we wanted to maintain it in-house. There was no space for equipment and tools. »

The area of ​​the new hangar of 40,000 square feet⁠2 is four times larger than the current hangar, which opened just six years ago, in 2016.

Airmedic then only had two planes and two helicopters. A sign that it is gaining altitude, its fleet now has six helicopters and eight planes, including a first twin-engine acquired in July 2021. Founded in 2012 in Saguenay, the company now employs 175 people and has 5 bases of operations.

Big operators, big projects

Featuring a gym, training room and roof terrace overlooking the airstrip, the new headquarters will be “a more suitable location for [la] reality” of the company, emphasizes Sophie Larochelle. The size of the doors of the new hangar “allows the existence of larger conveyors, which are connected to [les] growth projects.

In fact, they open up to big promising projects.

“We plan to diversify and have a more complete air offer”, describes the CEO.

With larger aircraft, Airmedic wants to expand its activities into business aviation or regional transport, within what “would be a bit like a sister company”.

These projects, which could land over a three to five year horizon, would act as a magnet to attract and retain staff.

“To be able to offer a longer-term career plan to the people who join us – I am thinking especially of pilots and nurses – it is precisely a matter of diversifying our offer, she says. They start on smaller planes, do medical transport and then start flying bigger planes. There are also those who want to get into passenger transport. This allows us to offer them a long-term career in our companies. »

Nurses will also benefit from the increased repatriation activities for Quebec patients abroad, which Airmedic has carried out with its first Pilatus PC-24 twin-engine jet. Future device purchases will likely be intended for this use.

“There are several nurses who want to fly internationally,” she says. This is another aspect that allows us to attract them or keep them with us. »

In short, “it’s bubbling! “, she says, laughing.

Designed by Atelier-H Architecture, the new headquarters will incorporate elements that will pay homage to First Nations. “We still have 65% of our missions that are done with First Nations,” she says. It will be important to us that they are represented in our new hangar. »

The company does not intend to sell the current buildings, for which the president reserves a destination that she does not yet want to specify.

Pelican makes a nest on camping equipment


GSI Outdoors Pinnacle four-person camping kitchen set

The maker of kayaks and other paddle boats Pelican International has just touched a new shore, that of camping and outdoor equipment. The Laval company has acquired a majority interest in GSI Outdoors, a company in Spokane, Washington that has been developing and distributing stoves and outdoor cooking appliances for more than 35 years. This is uncharted territory for Pelican, whose recent acquisitions have greatly cemented its position in light boats and nautical accessories. “The integration of GSI Outdoors into our herd allows us to diversify our activities and make a notable entry into an industry that has been experiencing sustained growth for several years and has very exciting potential for years to come,” said Danick Lavoie, President and CEO of Pelican. International, in the press release. The family business founded in 1970 by Gérard Élie initially specialized in pedal boats, boats that now occupy only the smallest part of its catalogue.

Vertdure Group’s first lawn


Jean-Philippe Grenier, Vice President Finance, Benoit Lamoureux Vice President Development, Philippe Tremblay, President, Stéphane Bourque, Vice President Operations

This initial innovation announced by the Vertdure Group is not intended for its first spring lawn maintenance: it symbolically marks the beginning of the construction of its new headquarters. The work, at a cost of 3 million, was launched in early May in the Lebourgneuf sector in Quebec. The event marks at the same time the 35and anniversary of the company specializing in lawn maintenance. Founded in 1987, Vertdure has spread its roots throughout Quebec and the Ottawa region and now has 30 branches. Currently, its headquarters are located in an enlarged house, located in the Limoilou sector. “We felt the need to have larger and more comfortable spaces for our employees and, at the same time, centralize our activities with the other companies of the Vertdure Group”, explained Benoit Lamoureux, vice president of business development , in the press release. Groupe Vertdure leaders also founded the V Extermination network, which has around twenty franchises in Quebec. Groupe Vertdure chairman Philippe Tremblay took over the family shovel from his father Jean Tremblay, founder of the company, in October 2019.

An application for flood hazards


Part of the E-NUNDATION summary report on one page, for beneficial owners (redacted)

Undoubtedly, some buyers of flood-prone homes will overflow with gratitude: a new application, launched by the company Geosapiens, allows you to assess the risk of flooding a property. Unique in Canada according to the company, the web application E-FLOODING provides a qualitative, quantitative and mapping risk assessment for a specific property. It is aimed at real estate professionals, who will be able to better advise their clients, but also at potential buyers who, before diving in, will obtain a risk assessment of the property they are looking for. The summary report is free, but the detailed report, for a fee, provides personalized recommendations to protect the property in question in the event of flooding. E-FLOODING was developed in response to the observation that it was difficult to know the flood risk quickly and reliably for a given address. It is based on a technology developed in collaboration with the National Institute for Scientific Research (INRS). Geosapiens was founded in 2017 by an INRS research team with experience in climate risk modeling. You can test it for free E-FLOODING and receive a summary report (detailed report for $95).


For 2023, the average corporate contribution rate to the Occupational Health and Safety Fund (FSST) was set at $1.50 per $100 of payroll, a drop of $0.17 compared to 2022. low value since the introduction of Act respecting work accidents and occupational diseases in 1985. This reduction represents a savings of $335 million for Quebec companies, which will only get better.

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