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The rising cost of energy and its impact on business

From gas to electricity, passing through diesel and fuel oil, all traditional energies have seen their prices soar in recent times. As proof, in January 2021, the gas price according to the regulated tariff excluding taxes in France increased by +0.2%. The uptrend continued every month until October, except for April when there was a notable drop in price.

Altogether, in October 2021, the gas price increase rate was +12.6%. The increase could have continued if the State had not taken measures to block it at the end of 2021. As for domestic fuel oil, its price almost doubled between December 2021 and March 2022. As regards electricity, its tariff began to rise in the last months of 2021. Thanks to the regulated tariff, the increase is slowed to 4% in 2022. However, this remains problematic for consumers.

Rising energy costs as a whole are likely to skew the company’s forecasts. Unexpected by non-energy professionals, this rise in the price of energy resources is weakening many companies. The impact would not be negligible on the cash flow of any structure, regardless of its size. Professionals are forced to dedicate more financial resources to energy than ever before. The use of an energy transition consultancy service is a solution to end overspending.

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The benefits of renewable energy for businesses

Faced with environmental challenges, replacing fossil energy sources with renewable sources seems like a must. The French State, among many others around the world, makes it necessary to reverse the curve of nature’s pollution. At the scale of a company, the adoption of renewable or green energies allows you to make big savings and participate in the ecological struggle.

Renewable, unlimited and promoted by the government, this type of energy is less subject to price variations than the others. There are more and more green energy providers on the market. Consequently, companies have the opportunity to compete in the competition to obtain electricity and gas contracts at the best rates. Suppliers offer specific offers to companies to cover all their electricity needs in particular.

Another advantage of renewable energy for companies is access to state aid. In particular, there is the tax credit for the energy transition of companies. Ademe (Agency for the Environment and Energy Management) also offers various schemes such as the Springboard for the ecological transition of small and medium-sized enterprises. Very small businesses are also affected. The Eco-Energy Loan is also reserved for small businesses.

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How to switch to renewable energies?

All companies that consume electricity and gas can switch to renewable energy. For this, one must choose a provider of green energy offerings. The support of an energy broker will undoubtedly be useful in finding the best formula. Such a structure puts its brokers at the service of professionals. As the energy needs of companies are greater than those of individuals, it is essential to refine the search for energy supply. Thanks to their dominance of the market, brokers are able to find a good offer and negotiate the price. In addition, to switch to renewable energy, a company can install photovoltaic panels. Work in this direction is eligible for state aid.

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Tips to reduce energy consumption in business

Faced with rising energy prices, it is essential to make the right choices and adopt good practices to reduce energy consumption. In addition to choosing a new supplier with a green supply, it is necessary to think about carrying out an energy diagnosis within the facilities. This will detect levels at which to take action to reduce your energy bill. It may be necessary to eliminate the thermal bridges that allow temperature exchanges between the interior and the exterior.

For periods of heat, together with air conditioners, fans should be provided that consume less energy. In cold weather, it is not essential to heat every room. The boiler installed at stair level can therefore be removed. Finally, the implementation of a technical building management system will allow the optimization of consumption in the company’s facilities.

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