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ChangeNOW, the global solutions summit, has just taken place in Paris. Renault presented its new concept car there: Scénic Vision. Scenic as the iconic” live car from the manufacturer, Vision, because it meets people’s new expectations. In its external appearance, the Scénic Vision foreshadows the future 100% electric family vehicle in the Renault range. Inside, it invites you to travel to another time, to a future where technologies and innovations will serve a more sustainable and environmentally friendly world. Visionary and exploratory, it materializes the most advanced technological prospects in terms of decarbonization. It also incorporates the three pillars of Renault’s sustainable development strategy: environment, safety and inclusion.

An electric and hydrogen engine at the same time

If the Scénic Vision heralds a future 100% electric SUV available in 2024, it’s part of a more distant vision. Its engine, both electric and hydrogen, reflects Renault’s desire to offer solutions for all uses. Scénic Vision brings mobility into a new era that the manufacturer considers viable for the next decade. This concept car features an electric motor directly derived from that of the New Mégane E-Tech Electric. An engine powered by a 40 kWh battery that is twice as heavy and less bulky than an equivalent electric vehicle. A battery complemented by a 16 kW fuel cell that facilitates recharging during long journeys. Thus, a Paris-Marseille trip (750 km) can be made with a simple 5-minute stop to fill up with hydrogen. That is until 2030, when the network of hydrogen stations will be developed.

A new youth for the car to live

For more than 30 years, Scénic has already promised an invitation to travel. Renault invented the compact monospace, a family vehicle that offers everyone a unique travel experience. This ” living car of the future also inspired today’s car. With Scénic Vision, the living car is back and renews its invitation: enjoy every moment with the family, share every moment, benefiting from the best comfort and an optimized space. The Renault Scénic vision maintains Scénic’s DNA while evolving like the automotive world around it. Travel codes, uses and customer expectations have changed, needs are divided differently. With this concept car, Renault aims to embody a new vision of the family car.

A new way of thinking about car design

Incarnation of Renaulution, Scénic Vision is the result of a profound exercise in design and aesthetic choices made. For Renault’s design director Gilles Vidal : ” Renault Scénic Vision has changed the way we think about car design. This concept car is not a spontaneous creative act, it is a conceptual approach, based on three main axes: environment, safety and inclusion. It reflects the ambition to offer a car that brings people together, a car to live in, with generous shapes and features that focus on the onboard experience. At 4.49 meters long, the Scénic Vision is a family car whose dimensions are those of a C-segment vehicle. Its generous shapes invite exploration. Its structured details project a futuristic high-tech design, where elegance sublimates personality.

A cabin designed for well-being

The interior of Scénic Vision is the expression of the brand’s commitments, with equipment accessible to all. It adapts to each user. Seats are designed to suit your role. Thus, the driver has a more sporty and enveloping seat, which allows him to concentrate throughout his journeys. The front passenger benefits from a more comfortable seat, for “first class” travel. At the rear, there is a bench that incorporates two individual seats. In the cabin, an LED-based lighting ambience is available everywhere to enhance on-board comfort. In turn, the steering wheel takes the form of a joystick and reinforces the techno and modern side that the interior exudes. Furthermore, the design of the Renault Scénic Vision is enhanced by the choice of colors, where black and white create a unique graphic universe.

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