10 good reasons to switch to an electric vehicle

With the price of gasoline reaching new heights and environmental discourse increasingly becoming a concern, many Quebec drivers are now ready to say goodbye to their gas-powered car and switch to electric.

It becomes a big problem, as demand is so strong that automakers can’t deliver enough vehicles!

If you’re still hesitating to put your name on a waiting list, here are 10 good reasons that might convince you to turn to an electric model.

no more oil

For many drivers, turning up their noses at the oil companies is probably the number one motivation behind their desire to go electric. When we look at fluctuations in the price of a liter of fuel, as well as refinery profit margins, we can see why!

A complete vehicle every morning

Unlike gasoline models, electric vehicles can be fueled directly at home using a charging station. With a level 2 charging station (240V), the vast majority of electric models can be fully charged in less than 10 hours, meaning you’ll wake up every morning with a vehicle full of energy. Provided, of course, you have access to a terminal in your house.

In terms of autonomy, several manufacturers already offer models capable of traveling around 400 kilometers on a single charge. Even in winter, considering a 40% energy loss, this makes it possible to travel more than 200 kilometers without problems. And if you’ve ever had to fill up on electrons on the way, know that Quebec has an excellent network of public charging stations, including hundreds of direct current stations that allow you to find a good percentage of charge in a few tens of minutes.

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The environment

Many studies have shown that the environmental impact of an electric vehicle is less significant than that of a gasoline model when considering its full life cycle. Although producing an electric model is more polluting than producing an equivalent gasoline model, the fact that the battery-powered vehicle does not emit CO2 during its journeys means that it is indeed an environmentally friendly choice. Still, if you really want to impact the environment on your travels, the best solution is to start walking or cycling!

Less maintenance

Electric vehicles generally require less maintenance than gas-powered models. This is because electric motors are technically less complex than gasoline engines. The simple fact of not having to think about oil changes is a real liberation!

reserved lanes

In Quebec, drivers of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles can legally drive in several reserved lanes, particularly in the metropolitan areas of Montreal and Quebec. This makes it easier to get around during rush hour!

Free access to paid bridges and ferries

Also in Quebec, electric vehicles can access the highway 25 and 30 bridges for free in the Montreal region. Models with a green plate are also exempt from payment when using Quebec-managed ferries. Passengers must pay the ticket, but access to the vehicle is completely free!

current subsidies

Currently, Quebec drivers can benefit from government assistance totaling $12,000 ($5,000 federal and $7,000 provincial) towards the purchase or lease of an electric vehicle. These grants won’t last forever, so enjoy them while they last!

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surprising acceleration

Driving an electric vehicle is surprisingly fun! The accelerations they provide are sometimes comparable to those on a roller coaster. This is made possible by the vehicle’s torque, which is delivered instantly as soon as you touch the accelerator pedal.

Driving a pedal

Several electric models are equipped with a function that allows them to be driven without using the brake pedal. By simply releasing the accelerator, the vehicle gradually decelerates to a complete stop. This allows energy to be returned to the battery while saving the braking system. Of course, the traditional brake pedal remains in place for emergency manoeuvres, or for those who simply prefer to drive in a more traditional way.

Vehicles in high demand

As we said in the introduction, electric models are in high demand in Quebec, so the wait times to get one sometimes border on ridiculous. For anyone lucky enough to get one, the financial risk is therefore very low as the resale value of these models is very high. Everything indicates that supply will not be able to meet demand for a few more years.

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