VéloLéger expands and opens facilities in Nogent-le-Rotrou

In parallel with their studies at the Télécom Nancy School of Engineering in Computer Science and Digital Sciences (Meurthe-et-Moselle), Erwan Grégoire and Antoine Bourlier, two Nogentais, created the company Light Bike a year ago. Launched in the summer of 2021, it offers the rental of equipment kits for bicycle hikers who stop at the Véloscénie campsites.

Two students from Nogent-le-Rotrou created the VéloLéger, equipment for rent for campsites

Slowly but surely, VéloLéger is developing its activity in other territories. “Last year at Véloscénie we had eight partner camps, today we will soon have fourteen with the Thiron-Gardais camp. Now, we would like to develop in La Loire à vélo and continue with the Vélo francette that runs from Ouistreham to La Rochelle. We started in 2021 with the Domfront campsite that joins Véloscénie and Vélo francette, we will continue this year”, explains Erwan Grégoire.

A bike ride along the Huisne in Nogent-le-Rotrou

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Two trainees are welcomed in May and June to strengthen the team: Anaïs Blot, in the first year of BTS communication in Angers, and Lénaïc Guillerm, in the third year of the Neoma School of Business and Management in Rouen. “We take care of communication, manage social networks and go out into the field to meet traders, offer them our posters and leaflets. We see many people standing in front of the window. »

In addition to its social media presence, the start-up has opened facilities in Nogent-le-Rotrou, rue du Château. “It allows us, out of season, to store our equipment. It is also our daily work base. Last year we were permanently telecommuting. This place is important because we are in direct contact with people who want information, it is a showcase of our activity, it arouses the curiosity of passersby”, emphasizes Erwan Grégoire.

Nicolas Laguillaumie created an itinerant bicycle repair service as part of a professional recycling.

For young entrepreneurs, “2021 was above all a year to test our project under real conditions, configure logistics, observe breakdowns, improve certain points”.

An experience at Thiron-Gardais camp

During this first experimental summer season, Erwan Grégoire and Antoine Bourlier took their partners’ comments into account. “Some of them are a little reluctant about the manipulations to be carried out. They fear that this activity, storing, receiving and distributing the kits, will take up too much of their time, that it will be an additional workload in their camps, where they are already very busy. »

Listening to their partners, the two students will test a simplified kit access procedure at the Thiron-Gardais camp. “A slightly more autonomous system for users. In fact, the material will be stored in a four-person tent set up in the camp and closed with a coded padlock. Hikers will be able to retrieve the equipment they have rented with a simple code, without outside help. »

Reservations start to arrive. “At the moment, we have more bookings for singles between 30 and 40 years old, not many families”, specifies Erwan Grégoire.

reserve. To reserve your kit, visit the website: veloleger.fr. Equipment rental costs €8 for one person and €14 for two.
kits. The crate contains a tent for three or four people, one or more mattresses for two, disposable and recyclable mattresses, pillows with disposable and recyclable pillowcases, one or more stoves, not to mention a hand pump and a hammer.

Jocelyne Legros

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