Unvaccinated changes can no longer help seniors, flexibilities requested

Moving companies with many unvaccinated workers are calling on the government to review the mandatory vaccination policy for visitors to nursing homes which, in some cases, jeopardizes their business.

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The owner of Prix Modique – Déménagement et Entreposage asks the government to put an end to what she describes as a “brothel” since last Friday. Although she offered her employees $100 in exchange for the vaccine, she has faced massive layoffs since last week.

“I had 70% unvaccinated guys. Currently, I only have 2 trucks out of 8 that can go out to work in homes”, explains Chantale Paquet, for whom this sector represents a significant part of revenue. “We have agreements with private homes, with CLSC, etc.”

The owner of Prix Modique – Déménagement et Entreposage, Chantale Paquet, here at her business, claims to have canceled three seniors moves, moved several and turned down more than a dozen.

Photo Pierre-Paul Biron

The owner of Prix Modique – Déménagement et Entreposage, Chantale Paquet, here at her business, claims to have canceled three seniors moves, moved several and turned down more than a dozen.

For the manager, if the directive is not relaxed to allow her to fulfill her contracts, it will be the end of the moving part of her business for now.

“With 2 trucks, I will never draw. It makes no sense”, explains the one who claims to be 100% in the vaccine passport, but who wants adjustments as we have seen in the past when certain measures came into force.

“I totally agree with the visiting ban, but we were recognized as an essential service in the first waves, why not more? If we allow changes in residences, we must allow them to the end.

Anxiety for seniors

The story is the same elsewhere. Through the companies surveyed The newspaper, the percentage of vaccination among the displaced is quite low and considerably complicates the management of schedules.

“Of the 25, 30 employees, I have 4 or 5 who are double vaccinated with their passports. […] So we’re going to have to dig through our diaries because I can’t invent any, vaccinated guys,” explains Daniel Genois, owner of Déménagement DG.

Ultimately, it is therefore the elderly who are at risk of finding themselves in difficult situations.

“We can’t just leave their stuff outside. These people can’t organize themselves, they can’t do the whole movement,” says Jules Olivier of Déménagement Force10, who says he has only 30% to 40% of his vaccinated work.

Chantale Paquet says that she has experienced complex situations since Friday. She fears that anxiety will increase among this already vulnerable clientele.

“I’ve already received calls from people who were crying because we might have to move or cancel the move because we can’t do that anymore. We already have three canceled and several moved, in addition to a dozen that we had to refuse”, says the businessman. be horrible.”

firm stance

Asked about this, the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MSSS) is clear, movers, like all “subcontractors who do not provide care to users or residents” must be adequately protected.

“These provisions are contained in the decree that was adopted on 24 September. […] Moving companies have had the time to properly plan their work, taking into account the new obligations,” said Robert Maranda, a spokesman for the ministry.

But in times of labor shortages, moving companies disagree.

“It was already complicated to have movers before that. There, it doesn’t even complicate our management”, says Jules Olivier.

Your competitors don’t understand anymore, especially since their services that continued through the first few waves didn’t lead to any outbreaks.

“Obviously, the mask and the other measures were enough because we never had a case”, says Chantale Paquet, asking for the intervention of Minister Dubé.

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