The “special” training of the Kiluz company seduces companies in Montpellier

Founded by two young students, it will have more than thirty employees by the end of 2022. Its individualized training method appeals to the business world.

Come back. Four years ago, Thibaut Roudaut and Antoine Cloux were enrolled at the Montpellier Business School.

Outside of school hours, they helped entrepreneurs create and manage their own online store.

At that time, the two students, originally from Bouches-du-Rhône and Drôme, probably had no idea that they would find themselves a few months later at the head of a training organization, pushed by strong winds.

Obviously, they chose to interrupt their studies to dedicate themselves fully to the development of their company, called Kiluz.

Recruitment of Salespeople

In recent weeks, Thibaut Roudaut and Antoine Cloux have launched the recruitment of 18 employees in the commercial sector. “8 vacancies are now filled. We still hope to convince ten new employees to join us at our company in Castelnau-le-Lez”, they point. Thibaut Roudaut and Antoine Cloux could have placed their future collaborators in different regions and cities of France. They do not want. They want them to work and live in Castelnau-le-Lez.

Thirty-six training topics offered

“We created our company in July 2019. We have grown rapidly since we had 7 employees in 2020, 21 in 2021 and will normally be over 30 before the end of this year 2022. We have not received any help setting up co-funded everything from our own savings.”say Thibaut Roudaut and 24-year-old Antoine Cloux.

They offer a particular method of professional and ongoing training. “We realized that professional training was intended to be theoretical. From there, we wanted to differentiate ourselves by setting up training that is based on a practical axis. And we are committed to business leaders to achieve results with their employees. individualized and at a distance. All our students are monitored individually”specify Thibaut Roudaut and Antoine Cloux.

From small businesses to large corporations

In the heart of their offices and their recording studio, located at 1, place Pierre-Mendès France in Castelnau-le-Lez, the two young business leaders offer thirty-six training courses, imagined in digital format thanks to their editorial team.

“We work on nine themes, office automation, graphics, data, languages, management, project management, work life, web and sales. We offer a step-by-step method aimed at everyone. business leaders and today we also serve employees from all sizes”specify Thibaut Roudaut and Antoine Cloux.

Renault, Groupama, Canal+, Vinci, Total direct energy, Orange, La Banque Postale, France. TV or Crédit Mutuel chose to entrust the training of their employees to them.

“Our proposals are obviously different depending on the budget allocated. But on average we are on four-week training courses that leave the student to choose their schedules. They may even consider training on Saturday or Sunday as our coaches are available.”, they say. Castelnauviens Thibaut Roudaut and Antoine Cloux didn’t finish getting the Kiluz rocket off the ground.

Support for young project leaders

The leaders of the Kiluz company do not envision their future anywhere other than in the Montpellier region. “We are very attached to this country, Montpellier and Castelnau-le-Lez. We need the sun to live and work. We can say without worries that we will not go to Paris”, underline Thibaut Roudaut and Antoine Cloux .

Under these conditions, it is not surprising that they choose to invest in Castelnau-le-Lez, in partnership with the City Council. “The municipality has decided to open a community center on Place Charles-de-Gaulle. In partnership, we wanted to support the young project leaders who come to present themselves. We will analyze their applications and make them available to those we have selected for the training courses. in particular to people in difficulty with the ambition of giving everyone the opportunity to undertake. This action will allow us to contribute to the dynamism of Castelnau-le-Lez”, say Thibaut Roudaut and Antoine Cloud.

A support that should be particularly appreciated.

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