Automotive bosses skeptical about launch…

The great bosses of the automotive industry have warned that supply chain disruptions and rising commodity prices threatened clearly the implementation of electric vehicles, reports the Financial Times in a long article. Worse, as demand for electric cars explodes, they indicate that the battery production capacity it is already largely out of date. The worrying thing is that all the bosses interviewed by the media maintain the same speech independently. enough for brakeor even considerably delay the switch to electric car ?

Will the transition to the electric car be quick?  Automotive bosses don't think so.

Pioneer in the electric car, the boss You are here, Elon Muskconfessed even during the 8and “Future of the Car” summit doubt the ability your company to achieve your goal of being able to deliver 20 million electric cars as planned for 2030. And Musk justified the situation by explaining that some raw material restrictionsin particular the production of lithiumit would likely take more than three years to resolve to ensure the manufacture of the cathodes.

all brands

This alarmist view is that of all automotive brands, although they have decided to accelerate thecombustion engine abandonment because pressure from the European Commission out of combustion cars by 2035. That said, it seems that this positive outlook is seriously undermined today. Volkswagen for example, which aims to overtake Tesla and become the world’s largest electric car maker, also explained that achieving its goals in 2025 really very difficult. If not impossible.

Will the transition to the electric car be quick?  Automotive bosses don't think so.

CEO of VW Herbert Diessdid not hide and, for him, the society today is a lot too optimistic about generalization and popularization of the electric car. For Herbert Diess, the various analysts in the sector do not face reality and do not understand the efforts that have to be made, whether for the network, for charging stations and for the production of electric cars and, in particular, batteries.

Volkswagen and mercedes even announced that All electric car production quotas planned for 2022 had already been exhausted. Clearly: brands can no longer produce electric models, while it’s not June yet! A height! The problem would obviously come from the supply of raw materials for batteries – and less of semiconductors. The situation is therefore very worrying, to the point that Elon Musk even indicated that he was consideringpurchase one mining concession to overcome these shortfalls and ensure production growth.

A decade ago?

The 2026 deadline seems too short for the transition to the electric car in companies

According to the Financial Times, a team of researchers form the bank Wells Fargo have examined recently the commodity prices for the components of a Tesla Model Y and estimate that the cost increase will delay inat least a decade The parity from price between a car thermal it is a car electric. But the reduction in production costs – and therefore in the selling price – was, of course, a essential condition to the generalization of electric cars in our automotive scenario.

For the bank, the situation will even further. She believes that to achieve their CO2 targets, brands will still have to sell vehicles at a loss, which is theoretically prohibited. For this reason, the financial institution decided todownload the notes in GM it’s from Ford.

Lucas de Meo, CEO of the Renault group says nothing more. For the Renault strongman, the the rules have changed and the automotive companies are now dependent from mining companies. This means that the cost of an electric car cannot be reduced as expected and that this will certainly slow down the development of battery-powered cars, knowing that theinflation will also weigh on families most of whom will be unable to purchase an electric car.

New logic to adopt

Will the transition to the electric car be quick?  Automotive bosses don't think so.

next to home Stellantis, it is also asked what efforts are being made for networks, charging infrastructure and, of course, raw materials. Got for Carlos Tavares no of vision or 360° Strategywhat is problematic.

Through Mercedes CEO Mr. Källenius, the builders are calling Europe to adopt the same resource strategy than China or the United States. That is, weave new trade relations with mineral-rich countries, such as Australia, India or South America. Of course, all this it will take some time.

And that’s why car brand bosses don’t expect the problems known today to quickly go away. Ashwani Gupta, Nissan’s COO, indicated that the supply chain crisis has become the new normal. In this context, it is asked whether theEurope will have the courage to see reality in the face and if she will think change your obligation to go out from heat engines inside 2035

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