Audi Q4 e-tron vs Tesla Model Y: Different weapons, but fierce fight!

The first Tesla Model S first saw asphalt in 2012, 10 years ago! Today, the rest of the manufacturers are also starting to release a bunch of electric cars. But can they fill the gap in this area against the American giant? That’s what we wanted to verify by pitting the Tesla Model Y Long Range against the Audi Q4 Sportback e-tron 50 Quattro. May the best win !

Finish, equipment: Audi Advantage

This first victory for the German is not surprising. It must be said that his opponent of the day is not known for his impeccable finishing quality. Beware, aboard the Model Y, we are still a long way from being a low-end product! Practically all surfaces are covered in leather or Alcantara. And then there’s that futuristic style with absolutely every control built into the large 15-inch center screen. But the quality of these materials, as well as certain important spaces between cabin parts, are not up to Audi. The latter features a simply impeccable finish. Also, unlike its brothers ID.4 and Enyaq, the Q4 retains a classic dashboard with a real instrument panel and physical buttons for the air conditioning. Clear, simple and precise, the Audi is better finished!

In terms of options, these two opponents are on equal footing with two exceptions. First in terms of connectivity where German takes the lead! In fact, he is the only one to have Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, no wires required! Tesla requires you to use its system in the vehicle. But, let’s face it, it’s not really a constraint. The latter is ultra reactive and very complete. Furthermore, the American repeats this “delay” in another area. Who says Tesla, also says semi-autonomous driving! But in Europe, the functioning of the system is far from being as efficient as in the United States. As a result, the Audi’s adaptive cruise control is even more comfortable! Tesla can certainly change bands by itself, but we already knew better… If there are, therefore, some differences in terms of options, they are not enough to grant victory to one or the other in this area. . So we went back to the simply better result in Q4 to give him the first point.

comfort: equality

Audi’s years of experience in the automotive world are felt behind the wheel. Despite its 2.2 tons and its 21-inch rims, the Q4 e-tron is quite flexible and handles the roughness of the road well, as well as speed bumps and other speed bumps. As for Tesla, what a hard one! However, this is not the Performance version with larger 21-inch rims and suspension lowered by 10mm. Both being electric are very quiet, but the Audi looks a little better soundproofed. The difference can be heard mainly at the door level, worthless to the American while the German can. Admittedly, this gives the Tesla style, but at the expense of soundproofing.

When we talk about comfort, it’s not just what you feel behind the wheel, there’s also use. And there, Tesla is king. First in terms of trunk. It is true that the American is 163 mm longer, but its load volume is practically double! 854 liters in the rear of the Model Y versus 535 in the Q4! Not to mention that the Tesla also has a generous 117-liter front trunk! Under the hood of the Audi, not the slightest bit of storage… And then there’s the incredible network of Superchargers. Yes, it is gradually opening up to other vehicles, but its ease of use is only exemplary with a branded car. Equality.

Engine: Tesla Advantage

Yes, Audi has been making cars for a long time, but it hasn’t always had electric motors. The Q4 e-tron 50 Quattro is the most powerful in the range! It develops 220 kW, or 299 hp, 460 Nm of torque and reaches 100 km/h in 6.2 s. Thanks to its beautiful 77 kWh battery, it can travel up to 490 km. On paper, it’s interesting and not far from what Tesla offers. Our Long Range version has a total power of 258 kW, or 351 hp, and reaches 100 km/h in 5 seconds. Its battery stores 82 kWh, which allows it to claim 533 km of autonomy.

In fact, the Model Y looks much faster than the Audi! At a standstill, the Tesla literally catapults itself up to 100 km/h! During the first few meters, we are glued to the seat. The Audi, in turn, is smoother, more linear. Does that benefit you in terms of autonomy? Not really… After a good lap, the German has a very reasonable average consumption of 18 kWh/100 km. But the American does better with just 15.4 kWh/100 km. An impressive figure for its size. With academic calculations, this suggests a range of 432 km for the Audi versus 538 for the Tesla! More powerful, faster and less energy consuming, of course, it’s the Model Y that wins the driving point.

Behavior: Audi Advantage

We’re back to the same old story again: Audi knows how to make a good car. The body movements of the Q4 e-tron are well controlled and the sensations perceived through the steering are good. Neither too light nor too firm, the steering wheel communicates well what is happening at the front axle level. In curves, the SUV does not stand still, it takes some of the support without ever having the impression that it is hitting it sideways. In short, we enjoy driving.

The information conveyed by the American is a little less clear. As mentioned earlier, its firm suspensions prevent any body roll. Steering is precise and a little stiffer than on the Audi. What’s missing is a little more information transfer between the steering wheel and the wheels. We’re not exactly on a couch playing video games, but a little bit anyway… A little more communicative and more fun in the corners, the Audi takes the lead here.

Budget: Tesla Advantage

For once, let’s start with Tesla, because in terms of pricing, it doesn’t get much simpler. By default, the Model Y Long Range is displayed for €66,970. Then we choose your paintwork, your rims, your interior colors and autonomous driving characteristics. At all stages, there are very few options. In the end, our super equipped copy reached €80,070, to which we can only add a tow hook for €1,350.

At Audi, the configuration possibilities are extremely wide! As standard, the most basic Q4 e-tron starts at €44,400. Not bad ! But it only offers a maximum range of 341 km… To get to the car in front of you, you must first add €2,000 for the Sportback bodywork and fill it all up again at €14,360.01 for the larger engine. And at €60,760.01, no option is still part of the setup. Our car of the day displayed at €79,239.00 could still have received some extras to exceed €80,000.

If we take stock, our Q4 e-tron and Model Y of the day come at roughly similar prices. But it should be noted that it is possible to go even higher with the Audi while, on the contrary, certain options, such as the ability to drive fully autonomously, can easily save almost €4,000 on the Tesla. The question, therefore, goes to the American (who, moreover, consumes less).

Conclusion: equality

Our duel for the day can be summed up as follows: the Audi is a better vehicle. Behind the wheel, you can feel all the experience that the German brand has acquired over the years. The Q4 e-tron is better finished, more comfortable and fun to turn around than the Model Y. But a Tesla is more than just a vehicle. There are updates that bring functionality, the community, not to mention the Supercharger network, etc.

Thanks to First Horses for allowing us to use their facilities.

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