Villareal’s new stadium: Cerâmica (La Cerámica)

The new and definitive renovation of the “La Cerámica” stadium is already underway. The club from La Plana presented on Wednesday the renovation project that, as assured by the yellow president, Fernando Roig, will be ready before the next year 2023, when the club celebrates its centenary.

During a press conference that took place in the stadium itself and in which the president was accompanied by the mayor of the city, José Benlloch, and by César Azcárate, representative of the company responsible for the renovation, the club La Plana showed, through a video, the final appearance of the work that must be completed in seven months.

At least with regard to the interior of the stadium so that it can already receive games on schedule. The total work, in terms of exterior finishes, should be completed by March 2023, when the club celebrates its centenary: “What better way to celebrate this date than with a project as ambitious as this one”, explained Roig.

What’s New at the Stadium

The construction of the new grandstand on the corner, between the Preferencia and Fondo Sur grandstands, thus brings about the complete closure of the stadium.

The new roof will house all the infrastructure for television broadcasts and improve the quality, adding two 21×7 meters (300m2 of screen) video boards, a spectacular sound system, new sports and architectural LED lighting and the installation of the Sky Camera.

The creation of new interior spaces: a multipurpose room at the top of the south end overlooking the countryside and the square, the complete refurbishment of the Entrelíneas restaurant and a new space for the Villarreal CF museum.

The bet on renewable energies will be with the installation of photovoltaic panels on the roof for self-consumption of the stadium.

The total renovation of the seats at the Estadio de la Cerámica will undergo a total renovation. The terms of the renovation will run from May 16 to the end of December 2022.

Although it has been indicated that the renovation will officially start on Monday, May 16, after the celebration of the last home game of the current season (against Real Sociedad), the truth is that the club has already advanced in recent weeks with the demolition of many houses acquired to expand both the moving corner and the privileged area.

the 15º La Liga matchday (2022-23 season) at the new stadium

The Valencian president promised that the yellow team could play its first game in 15º La Liga Day, which will take place from 29 to 31 December 2022, after the end of the Qatar World Cup: “The 1ster December, we will try to finish the internal work to install the grass for the 28th game. Many tell me it’s not possible, but I say yes,” Roig said.

Estimated budget of 35 million euros

With a budget of around 35 million euros and thanks in part to the investment from the CVC fund, the Castellón club will ask LaLiga to play the maximum number of games away from home authorized at the beginning of the competition: “There will be 14 games and we will will ask the League to play 10 as visitors”.

In the meantime, and until the renovation is completed, the yellow team will play at home in Ciutat de València, at the Levante stadium.

The works will require the use of 2,400 tons of steel, 12,900 square meters of coverage, 8,700 square meters of ceramic facade and 4,400 meters of micropiles.

Capacity remains at 22,000 spectators. Ceramic Stadium will maintain its capacity. Although the renovation includes the construction of a new grandstand with seats between the preference and the south end, the yellow manor will continue with a capacity for 22 thousand spectators.

Villarreal CF decided to gain more space between the seats of the Preferencia to offer an idyllic experience and greater well-being to its fans located in this area of ​​the stadium.

The model of the great transformation of the ceramic stadium will be exhibited in an office of the Municipality of Vila-real.

That way, yellow fans will be able to visit it completely free of charge and get to know first-hand all the details of the renovation.

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