How to turn an old tablet into a surveillance monitor for your business

You can further extend the life of your tablet by using it to monitor your activity.

On some occasions we talk about the importance of having our business or business monitored. Whether with professional options, from a security company, or done by ourselves, monitoring is always a factor to consider. Remember that, in any case, you will have to follow what the rules dictate in relation to recording images, nothing to record what is happening on the street.

Surely you have a tablet in your company that you don’t give anymore. Well, it’s time to breathe new life into it and use it as a surveillance monitor for our business. So, and for very little money, you can continue to prolong its useful life.

Your old tablet will continue to provide service if you use it to monitor your business

What do I need to monitor my activity with a tablet?

Well, if you don’t already have a surveillance camera. To tell you the truth, on Amazon you will find an infinity of models with very different prices and that will give you the service you need. You put the limit, but from we recommend what we indicate.

The reasons are very simple, but we have detailed them. It offers people tracking and night image recording. Yes, your business will not be in the dark, but it may be in low light conditions. So it is a recommended purchase. You can use it on a table or counter as well as fixed to the ceiling or wall and its value for money is very correct. Finally, you can save the recordings to the manufacturer’s own cloud, free of charge for 30 days, or to a memory card not included.

How to connect the camera to your old tablet

Pairing is done via Wi-Fi, so you must have this network in your company. The Wi-Fi standard can also be found on your tablet, regardless of age, so all you need to do is connect both devices to your company’s Wi-Fi network and view images directly on the tablet.

The camera sends an alert whenever it detects motion, and in a business where people are constantly coming in, this can be a problem. However, you can adjust the sensitivity of these alerts so that they do not occur as often. Finally, its image quality of up to 1080 guarantees a good view of everything that is happening in your business at all times. Its 107 degree viewing angle covers almost everything that happens on your premises. the tablet. The configuration, as you have seen, is very simple.

Amazon Business: is the shopping platform for professionals

Breathing new life into your tablet using it as a surveillance monitor is always a good idea. Something that might end up in the clean spot or in the hands of a nephew continues to provide a useful service. Also, no matter how old this device is, it will be enough that the reception is correct and nothing more. These are your eyes to watch over your trade, and most importantly, the right size. There’s no need to look at the smallest screen on a cell phone.

To make the work of monitoring or controlling a company more comfortable, we can always make another financial investment that helps us to have a better view with this old tablet. We are talking about a stand so you can place it in an upright position where it suits you best. This model offers good stability, takes up little space and folds up for storage in good condition.

By using a tablet that no longer had the ability to track our activity, not only are we breathing new life into it, but we also get a view of what’s happening in our store on the big screen. And above all, without having to make a very high investment.

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