Adie organizes free workshops throughout France to build your business

For many French people, creating a business means giving yourself the opportunity to fulfill a dream and fulfill yourself professionally. But often, the path that leads to that dream is like a real obstacle course. In fact, entrepreneurs are often faced with the complexity and opacity of administrative procedures, which can destabilize them very quickly. To help and support them in their quest, Adie is hosting web conferences from May 30th to June 3rd, 2022 to guide entrepreneurs in building their businesses.

Start your business with Adie!

Created in 1989, Adie is a solidarity association that defends the idea that everyone, even without capital, even without a degree, can become entrepreneurs if they have access to credit and professional, personalized support, based on trust, solidarity and responsibility. Thanks to its economic model, which is based on the support of its partners, communities, companies, banks, patrons, public authorities and self-financing, Adie has been funding and supporting business creators for over 30 years for a more inclusive economy.

To pursue this policy of helping and supporting project leaders in all French territories in metropolitan France and abroad, the association decided to mobilize for 5 days to meet all those who are asking questions about how to start a business, how to create their fund, how to be accompanied, advised and above all financed… This way, from 30th of May to 3rd of Junethe association’s experts will offer free events to make entrepreneurship accessible to all.

5 days of free events

Adie will take advantage of this event to meet, once again, future business creators through more than 200 events across France. Throughout the week, free web conferences and workshops will be offered with experts in business creation to simplify what may seem complex and remove administrative, banking and psychological barriers linked to entrepreneurship. These Adie meetings are open to anyone who has a business creation project or who is looking for information to get started, or to help those around them to experience the adventure of entrepreneurship.

Women can do business too!

Gender parity is making headway in the world of entrepreneurship. In France, more and more women are embarking on starting their own businesses each year and Adie wants to encourage this trend. In fact, the organization is convinced that men and women, regardless of their level of education and wealth, have the same capacity to undertake as long as they have the means. That’s why, by providing funding and personalized support, women have the same chances of success as men.

This mobilization week is also an opportunity to convince them of this. For this, Adie organizes events dedicated to them in each territory where it is established. Web conferences on female entrepreneurship are also offered with testimonials from businesswomen funded by the association.

Entrepreneurship: and if you opt for franchising

Franchising is a mode of contractual collaboration that unites two parties. On the one hand, the franchise candidate who wants to create his business affiliated with a network and, on the other hand, the franchisor, owner of the network.

With an estimated turnover of 68.80 billion euros in 2021, franchising offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to create or take on an activity and benefit from support, training and assistance from the franchisor at a national level, while remaining independent. With more than 2,000 franchise chains identified in the past year, the industry is now booming and brands continue to recruit franchise candidates to proceed with their development.

Program of web conferences for the national meetings of the ADIE, from 30 May to 3 June:

Monday, May 30, at 2:30 pm. : Advice from Pôle Emploi for business recovery and creation

Register by clicking on this link

Tuesday, May 31 at 2:30 pm: Entrepreneurs’ words: how to turn challenges into opportunities?

Register by clicking on this link

Wednesday, June 1 at 2:30 pm: The BA ba of the microenterprise

Register by clicking on this link

Thursday, June 2 at 2:30 pm: The keys to networking with our partner Action’elles

Register by clicking on this link

Friday, June 3 at 2:30 pm: Project Leaders: Tackle the Challenges of Entrepreneurship with Google Digital Workshops

Register by clicking on this link

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