QRM, a valuable asset to make your business sustainable

[CONTENU PARTENAIRE] The business world has become increasingly uncertain, everything is constantly changing and constantly evolving. Faced with this reality, the company Quick Response Enterprise guides companies in their evolution to adapt and become more agile. A transformation focused on the human and based on the QRM methodology. It is intended for sectors with a wide variety of products or services, and subject to great variability in the demands of their customers. Explanations with Dominique Andreux, president of Quick Response Enterprise and author of the book “Make time your ally!” »

Why did you create Quick Response Enterprise?

This organization was born after an operational career of 25 years of experience in the industrial area, including ten years as a manager. My work environments were multisectoral and multicultural. So I had to constantly reinvent a new way of working to adapt to the multiple situations encountered. Since the 1990s, these uncertain and therefore unpredictable environments have been referred to by the acronym VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous).

They are also called “high variability environments” or “low volume high mixing”. About ten years ago, I met Prof. Rajan Suri, founder of QRM, and I realized that it is possible to manage variability and even more, make this variability a matter of competitiveness and growth for companies.

After meeting several managers and their teams who have transformed their operations with the agility of QRM, I decided to found the Quick Response Enterprise to help companies resume growth momentum by adapting their operations to these highly variable environments.

What means do you put in place to achieve this?

ERQ is an organization formed by operational consultants and experienced entrepreneurs in support of transformation. The guiding thread of our transformations is the method developed about thirty years ago by Prof. Rajan Suri. It’s called QRM (Quick Response Manufacturing for industry, or Quick Response Management for service, distribution or retail environments). Our company is also one of the seven organizations that co-founded the QRM Institute. This global institution has several vocations:

● Democratize the QRM methodology to better manage diverse environments with high variability;

● Develop the application area in sectors where the method is still little or not applied, such as the health area or very recent store sales (retail);

● Convey QRM principles and the art of transformation by providing training and certifications (in a global repository) for business and consulting professionals.

What is QRM Agility?

It is based on a simple observation. When putting yourself in the shoes of an order or project and looking at the time that passes in the company’s operation, only 5% of the time is considered useful time (seen by the order or project). This proportion refers to the tasks performed to process the order. The 95% represents unnecessary time (round trip, modifications) during which the command waits over and over again.

That 5% seems pretty minimal in the face of all the hustle and bustle displayed by a company’s employees. The 95% expectation is explained by the company’s operation, which is no longer adapted to increasingly specific customer requests, and the high variability. QRM Agility offers precise solutions to reduce these waiting times. It’s not about working faster, it’s about simplifying operations, streamlining processes and learning to collaborate better together.

The paradox we are addressing is, in fact, make speed a matter of growth and competitivenessthrough a new operation that aims to reduce waiting times and, mainly, not work faster in iso-operation.

How do you support companies in their implementation?

ONE diagnostic phase it consists, above all, in “scanning” the functioning of a company in a process perimeter considered critical and strategic. We integrate all stakeholders to view the current operation, the wait times seen by the order, and anything that interrupts its flow. Thus, we can measure the delivery time of the order, then determine the gray zone (useful time) and white zone (useless time). The mindset we encourage at this stage is that no one is to blame for these waiting timesit’s just the current operation that causes major delays, and that is no longer adapted to meet increasingly specific and changing customer requests.

This first analysis is the result of a collaboration between all the actors and actresses of the order. Their joint reflection makes it possible to bring up initial solutions, which are tested during the experimentation phase. We’re talking quick wins here. These small improvements will make it possible to try new ways of doing things together. For successful experiments, it follows a implementation phase of these solutions in the current operation. A real anchor is created, because each one has appropriated this new way of working: “reducing lead times is good for the company, it’s good for the company’s teams, in short, it’s good for me, because it eliminates stones in my shoe”.

In short, Quick Response Company is a catalyst to energize teams and ideas. Our role is to ensure that agility becomes an intrinsic part of the company’s DNA, so that it remains successful in an ever-changing world where speed has become a competitive asset.

Can you give some examples of application of the QRM methodology?

Quick Response Company accompanies, among other things, the fashion and luxury sectors, where everything is constantly changing. We support, for example, home fashion factories Chanelwhose house Streets, which manufactures costume jewelry — buttons for ready-to-wear — and fashion accessories. In the previous operation, took up to 200 days from the parade to the delivery of the ordered pieces to the store. The transformation we are currently supporting is working so that the transit time only lasts one hundred days.

We also developed and adapted QRM agility principles for the Retail industry. In stores, there are as many customer intentions as there are customers: everyone wants to be heard, understood and served quickly. A luxury brand called us to improve the customer experience using the QRM methodology. After a pilot phase of successful experimentation of the method in 3 stores, the agility of QRM is now applied in its 250 stores worldwide. This paradigm shift allowed him toimprove your flow, reduce the audience wait and increase the availability of your sales team to customers. Essential qualities for customer loyalty.

ERQ also excelled in the mechanical industry, helping the company Usiduct reduce the time between order receipt and delivery, going from 3 weeks to 1 week. Or even in services, with the leader in ophthalmic equipment, where the time spent taking care of broken equipment, its repair and its reinstallation was reduced from 100 days to 60 days, even reaching 30 days. Of course, a loaner machine is made available when the damaged machine is repaired.

What do you think QRM brings to the business world?

Changing how it works is never easy. Business leaders must understand and accept that the way they have operated for years is no longer appropriate. It takes humility, curiosity and a leadership style that encourages grow your teams to give them more autonomy of action and decision making. You must also agree to keep an availability reservation in critical resources to avoid slowdowns that lead to bottlenecks in processes, such as in the highway network.

Guide your teams with the mindset “All in the service of the flow”, is to strengthen the collaborative dynamics in your company (internally and externally) with your partners, customers and suppliers. It is about recreating serenity within teams, and it is also about achieving unprecedented performance thanks to reduced production times, which lead to improved customer satisfaction, reduced total costs, better quality and better well-being at work.

In short, QRM is a valuable asset in making your business sustainable.

It is also a sign of hope for the younger generations. They no longer want a corporate experience like their parents did. On the contrary, they are looking for a collaborative company, capable of renewing and innovating, where human values ​​are strong and work is rewarding. That’s what QRM agility does.

In conclusion, QRM is at the service of business growth, as ERQ. In addition, to better serve our customers, we must adapt and develop our growth. We are therefore recruiting talent aged between 35 and 40with ten or fifteen years of experience in the business world (all sectors combined) and already facing the challenges of transformation.

Book “Make time your ally!” available at www.quickresponse-enterprise.com

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