My first day driving an electric car

Facing the car, there’s no doubt about it, it really is a MINI and that’s reassuring. With its sacred character, its retro chic look and its big rounded headlights, I’m on familiar ground. Some details remind me that I’m in front of an electric vehicle, but once I’m behind the wheel, I find the interior typical of the MINI with its legendary dashboard. There’s nothing to do, this car exudes an aura of fun and luxury at the same time…
The car lights up at the push of a button, but apart from a small melodic sound, no other noise to tell me the engine is on, no distinctive ‘vroom’, which earned me a first laugh to turn the engine off and on twice. times before realizing the car was actually running…

First impressions on the road

From the first few meters, obviously, it’s the surprise… There’s this feeling of silence and sliding that invades you and makes the experience immediately pleasant. Another notable feature is the car’s responsiveness. Just lightly step on the accelerator pedal to feel the car react, it has a feedback… And for good reason, there’s no gear shifting, so no jerks, which makes driving particularly fluid. I had a real gliding sensation behind the wheel of this car and it calms down the road.
At the first red light, the energy recovery system in braking mode confused me a little: the car, in fact, freezes more when you lift your foot than in thermal cars, because this allows it to recover a little charge, but it is unexpected, (second laugh). You can deactivate this system, but personally, I chose to adapt to it and better anticipate my driving. And within two hours, I no longer found my nose on the steering wheel with every deceleration. Especially since this feature is particularly useful in the city, where you spend your time slowing down and speeding up.

A real sense of fun in the city

Behind the wheel on the streets of Brussels, the flexibility of the electric motor surprises me, as driving in the city requires a lot of reactivity to anticipate changes in traffic. In terms of comfort, I discover an agile car and a feeling that is reinforced by a low driving position. Once the short handling period has passed, it lets itself be tamed and is flexible and very manageable. With a special mention for the turning radius, ideal when, like me, you have to turn because you weren’t looking at your GPS despite the XXL screen!

The recharge exam passed with flying colors!

Last trap to overcome with charging an electric car. It’s a new way to organize and monitor your accountants. It might feel a little uncomfortable at first, because once on the road, the first few kilometers are an ordeal. Seeing battery percentages bombing the streets made me fear collapse and forced me to revise my math fundamentals to do very useless calculations. With the announced 296 km of autonomy, I had no reason to stress. So I quickly trusted the car for that too. From my first stop, placed in a space reserved for electric vehicles, I take my charger out of the trunk, plug the pistol into the car’s socket, swipe the card through the terminal and the car recharges for a micro-race. In less than half an hour, I recovered enough to continue my journey in complete serenity. Fire math classes!

What can I conclude from my first kilometers?

I’m not ready to put down my MINI Electric. A concentration of modernity, technology and modernity but, above all, a new way of living your travels around the city. Once the electrical system has been tamed, it is certainly fresher, greener and much more modern.
Come and experience the new MINI Electric near you!
There’s nothing like being behind the wheel of a MINI Electric to see how much fun it is. So MINI decided to put their cars at their disposal for a test in real conditions, in the heart of the city.

Head unreservedly to the MINI Charged By The City in four cities across the country to discover it from every angle:

Liege, May 28 – Liège-Guillemins station, at Place des Guillemins, 4000 Liège

Antwerp, 4th of June Butchers Coffee, Kasteelstraat 57, 2000 Antwerp

Brussels, June 11 – Monts des Arts, 1000 Brussels

Luxembourg, 18th of June – City Concorde Mall, Route de Longwy 80, 8060 Bertrange

Find all information here.

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