Abbeville: Duclercq Supplies shines at Somme and Seine Maritime

Founded in 1872 in Abbeville, twelve-employee Duclercq Supplies offers local global solutions in stationery, supplies, office furniture, education and school. Established for nine years in the industrial area, it shines on the Somme and the Sena Marítimo.

40% of its clients are public authorities (city halls, communities of municipalities, secondary schools, colleges, administrations) and 60% companies and liberal professions. After ordering, they are delivered within 24 to 48 hours, with no shipping costs, whatever the value.

18,000 references on the website

“Over the decades, consumption patterns have changed a lot., assure François Duclercq, the manager, and Andoche Pocholle, commercial. The products are no longer the same, before we sold typewriters, faxes, basic desks. Now 90% of customers order with us on our secure website, which includes 18,000 references. We also have classic catalogs. One of them is 1,000 pages long, we have the Majuscule platform based in Saint-Quentin, which we share with 130 other members. It covers 47,000 m² of storage. »

The company is supplied daily from this platform: “We also have our paper warehouse on site, they specify. Like everyone else, we are facing a significant price increase, around 70%, we had to renegotiate all our contracts with the local authorities, they understand. We also suffer from a lack of electronic components, especially for printers. »

Reams of paper are stored on site.

Even though Duclercq Supplies still delivers 50 tons of paper per month, digitization, such as sending e-mails, tends to replace paper documents and drastically reduce certain sectors, such as envelopes, which forces the company to have employees, including two order pickers and three couriers to adapt your product offering. In particular, it paid off by offering scanning-related products such as external hard drives, USB keys, portable scanners, etc.

office development

Duclercq Supplies is turning even more towards office space development: “We offer an offer focused on well-being and furniture, preferably French. The goal is to recreate the home environment in the office. We can install table football, snack tables… It is important that employees feel comfortable in your company during their lunch break. »

It is also essential that your workstation is comfortable. In nine out of ten cases, Duclercq Supplies sells ergonomic chairs: “We spend as much time in an office chair as we do in our bed.highlight François Duclercq and Andoche Pocholle. Managers understand that in order to promote health at work and productivity, it is necessary to invest in ergonomic furniture: seats, but also screen supports, mice, wrist rests, footrests, adjustable tables that allow sitting and working foot. We also provide gym balls to strengthen your stomach and back. »

Commercial, Andoche Pocholle travels aboard a hybrid vehicle.

Three sales representatives, who travel aboard hybrid vehicles, are tasked with coming to draw plans with customers and coming back to see them to verify that nothing has been forgotten. Duclercq Suprimentos takes care of delivery and assembly. It can count on its team of four automakers.

The chance to settle down locally

However, 80% of its activity is still carried out with stationery, office supplies, education and school: “We are fortunate to be locally established, we can deliver to each school, we limit CO productiontwo. We have to be very attentive to the reference and quality of the product. Because we have among our clients leisure centres, medical-educational institutes, nursing homes, day care centers… », they point.

After the pandemic, the company expanded its references in cleaning and hygiene products, such as the sale of specific masks for children. It also offers a range of personal protective equipment (vests, gloves, glasses, hearing protection, etc.).

The following ? “Our plan is to be even more present with customersthey predict. We want to continue to offer them global offers to meet their expectations, offering personalized services. »

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