With six entities, all based in the Limoges basin, the Léobet group has truly established itself in the automotive market in Haute-Vienne. Today associated with the Renault brand, the small family business transformed into a large group has become a key player in the automotive sector. Its good rise continues with the opening in early February of a new concession in the north. An additional address dedicated to the sale and rental of new and used vehicles of all brands.

The group’s history began in 1982, when Léobet’s parents founded the Renault Garage located on rue Armand Dutreix. Then the opening of Carrosserie Coudert “Five Star” alongside Garage Renault in 2000. In 2009, Carrosserie Romanet was born. By force of work, passion and transmission, it was almost normal for the brothers Léobet, Sébastien and Guillaume, to take the lead after both having worked in the family business, respectively, 22 and 17 years.

In this continuity, the Léobet children perpetuate the work started by their parents and also demonstrate a clear desire to establish the sustainability of the brand. Progress continues with the opening of three new locations in three years: Auto garage Léobet sud in 2018, then Léobet Automobiles in 2020 until the new Premium bodywork created in 2021.

Qualified professionals for taking
responsible for your vehicles

Through these multiple complementary entities, the Léobet group provides its customers with 34 versatile and experienced professionals, dedicated to the maintenance and repair of their vehicles of all brands, at all times of their lives, from purchase to repair, passing through their maintenance. and new bodywork. Among its collaborators, several apprentices complete the ranks.
This desire for training through hospitality and support marks the group’s involvement in its local fabric.

Quality services common to all addresses
– Customer reception with consideration of their needs,
– loan vehicles for individuals and professionals,
– insurance approval, with support for administrative processes in the event of a claim and support for advancing repair costs,
– sensitivity to the environment with the implementation of clean and solvent-free cleaning systems to overcome the polluting side of the car…
– a specialization in hybrid and electric with all the necessary equipment to support their vehicle at the disposal of customers,

Extended services for this new entity
It’s simple, at the new dealership on rue Guy Môquet, you will find a wide range of new and used vehicles of all brands, both for sale and for rent. By choosing Léobet, you are guaranteed to have real automotive professionals with numerous guarantees and services, perfect knowledge of the market and adequate follow-up for the maintenance and repairs of your vehicle.

Still projects, more projects…
Far from stopping there, despite its extraordinary influence, the Léobet group is already announcing something new at the beginning of July with the opening of a Renault branch in Limoges. To be continued…

The Premium 87 bodywork is the repair point of a major manufacturer specializing in electric vehicles…

Leobet Automobiles: 33 rue Guy Moquet

05 55 39 24 56

Automobiles Garage Léobet: 7, allée Louis-Dréguet

05 44 00 01 14

Léobet Garage: 244, rue Armand-Dutreix

05 55 01 19 80

Romanet bodywork: 36, rue Hubert-Curien

05 55 31 56 00

Premium bodywork 87: 36, rue Hubert-Curien

05 55 31 56 00

Coudert coachwork: 247, rue Armand-Dutreix

05 55 01 45 31


33, rue Guy Moquet, 87280 Limoges
07 88 51 77 38 – 05 55 39 24 56


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