Five start-ups looking for funding to make things better

Leaders had just three minutes to introduce their young company on the occasion of the demo day organized by the National Bank and a consortium of Quebec incubators.

We selected five of them that stood out from the pack. The event was held at Maison Alcan’s Zú Atrium in Montreal.

Biolift: Prevent injuries on construction sites with an exoskeleton

The company led by Laurent Blanchet has developed an exoskeleton to reduce the risks associated with accidents at work. The device attaches to the body and provides better back support for physically engaged workers such as construction workers.

In a context of labor shortages on construction sites, Biolift hopes to be able to contribute to the productivity of builders. Eurovia Quebec, a subsidiary of the French company VINCI, and Hydro-Quebec are among its customers. So far, 50 exoskeletons have been sold.

We’re in pre-marketing mode because we want to make sure users like the product. We did a good test last year and then we have a much more finished product. Next year, we want to trade on a larger scale, but we need investors. »

a quote from Laurent Blanchet, President and CEO, Biolift

Paperplane Therapeutics: Managing Children’s Anxiety and Pain in the Hospital

Paperplane Therapeutics allows children to be distracted when they need to be cared for through virtual reality video games.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Alison Northcott

The Doctor. Jean-Simon Fortin of the Sainte-Justine University Hospital Center was looking for a way to reduce anxiety and pain in children. He developed a therapeutic solution using video games in virtual reality, which can distract the child, act on the nervous flows of the brain and reduce medication doses.

With major burn victims, we have gone from restless and in pain children to calm and relaxed children., he explained during his presentation. During the COVID-19 vaccination campaign, more than 50,000 children benefited from this initiative.

LivingSafe: detecting a distress situation in an elderly person

An image of a person lying on the floor in their room.

LivingSafe has developed a small device that hangs on a bedroom wall and can detect faults without contact.

Photo: Living Safe

When David Landry’s grandmother fell and lost consciousness, he regretted that no one could find out in a reasonable time. This is a frustrating reality for employees and facilities.he argued.

So the young entrepreneur created LivingSafe and developed Lisa, an intelligent surveillance system. A device installed in a room allows, for example, to detect falls, night ambulation, getting out of bed and vital signs. Staff at senior facilities are notified when a malfunction occurs.

Gallea: Making art outlets interactive and mobile

Paintings displayed in a meeting room

Gallea offers a service for the exhibition of works of art in companies and businesses.

Photo: Galera

In the hope of democratizing art and filling empty walls, Guillaume Parent created Gallea, a platform for selling works of art online, but also aimed at simplified management of local exhibitions within companies and businesses.

The pieces, often paintings by artists, can be found in offices, restaurants or hotels; a rotation occurs every few months. They are provided by the young company, which earns a commission when they are sold. Since its launch in 2018, the platform has represented more than 40,000 works.

UgoWork: Revolutionizing 1950s Forklift Technology

A forklift in a tire warehouse.

UgoWork manufactures a battery for forklifts.

Photo: UgoWork

In the battery sector, Lion Electric is often cited as a benchmark in Quebec. But the ecosystem also includes smaller players like UgoWork. 50 et ça ralentit les opérateurs”,”text”:”Les chariots élévateurs utilisent encore une technologie des années50 et ça ralentit les opérateurs”}}”>Forklifts still use 1950s technology and slow operators downunderlined the marketing director Jean-François Marchand.

The young company has developed lithium-ion batteries that replace the old lead-acid batteries and offer a much longer lifespan. What also arouses the interest of customers like Toyota is that UgoWork offers a turnkey service: installing batteries and charging stations, and monitoring their status in real time to intervene preventively and avoid stopping operations.

On Thursday, the Minister of Economy and Innovation is expected to announce the new Quebec Strategy for Research and Investment in Innovation 2022-2027. The one for the last five years, with an envelope of 830 million dollars destined in particular to university establishments, had been presented by the previous government.

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