Automobile Clean to discover the electric sedan in Munich

Lucid is finally coming to Europe! And instead of waiting for his arrival in France, we went to Germany. It is in the heart of Munich that the brand opens its first European studio, for a very premium experience. Close contact with Lucid Air Grand Touring.

Assiduous reader of Automobile Propre, you already know Lucid Air, this big electric sedan that came to face the Tesla Model S. After the United States, Lucid Motors continues its rise as planned with deployment in Europe. The opportunity for us to discover Lucid Air Grand Touring, but also the high-tech setup experience offered by the brand. This is thanks to a case at the height of the vehicle, taking the form of a real studio.

Lucid Air: First Touch

As you already know, Lucid Air is a long-range sedan designed by Lucid Motors. A brand launched by Peter Rawlinson, who is none other than the chief engineer behind the Tesla Model S! After having sold a few hundred units in the Lucid Air Dream Edition launch version, the sedan is investing in the Old Continent. We were therefore able to discover the Lucid Air Grand Touring, in its Zenith Red decor lined with a ceiling with a polished platinum appearance. On the design side, you already know: a sedan that imposes itself, between generous dimensions and high-end finishes. The stylistic approach almost reminds us of lines that are more Asian than American, Genesis style and the like. The ambitions are luxurious and well executed, namely in terms of the integration of glazed surfaces.

The various markings, logos and details that run through the vehicle are also quite elegant and refined. Standard equipment includes 21-inch Aero Blade wheels, to add a sporty touch. A first visit to this “Air” allows us to appreciate the fully LED lighting, which is very chic, especially at the rear. At the front, the insert that trumps the headlights along the hood strikes us as too much. A detail that we find best in 3D images, but this is purely subjective! The electrical openings (trunk, trunk, charging hatch) are reminiscent of what is done at Tesla. That said, special mention of the loading hatch, sliding, very nice to look at when going down and up. This Lucid Air has more than enough shade for Tesla, and again, we don’t talk about the interior.

Interior: upscale techno ambience

Because it is precisely the interior of this Lucid Air that we like the most! The model on display at the Munich studio features the Tahoe vibe. Namely black leather on the front and ocher on the back, with matching belts and flooring. The two-tone finish is fairly balanced and doesn’t clash. In addition to the upholstery, it is obviously the glass cockpit who challenges. This large 34-inch 5K screen, which “wraps” us behind the wheel. Fully tactile, the interface is very responsive and comes with a retractable Pilot Panel display above the center console. Enough to bring together all the driving and comfort settings, as well as the multimedia functions (connectivity, navigation, etc.). Good news for button fans: Lucid Air retains the physical controls for the air conditioning, which are very intuitive.

A detail your servant particularly appreciates, rather than the transition to everything tactile, more and more often. On board, we also took advantage of the huge panoramic roof extending to the windshield. Floating sun visors reinforce the feeling of openness, even when standing in the studio. It remains to be seen the experience and immersion in real conditions to really appreciate what this Lucid Air Grand Touring has to offer. At the rear, passengers are also entitled to some tactile controls, namely to control the rear sun visor. For comfort, the same thing: let’s wait to get behind the wheel of the sedan.

Lucid Studio: Immersive Experience

In addition to Lucid Air itself, this visit was an opportunity to get to know a Lucid Motors studio. The trend obliges, the brand plays the card of Lifestyle contemporary. Vehicle in the showroom, components (electric motor, battery, charger), color and materials corner… It’s all there. Not forgetting some clothing accessories, of course. But the real good surprise is the virtual reality setup experience offered by the manufacturer. In the background, a driver’s station lined with a virtual reality helmet allows viewing the different possible configurations. It is possible to choose the paint, the rims, as well as the upholstery. Everything can be seen in settings like the San Francisco Bay, just steps from the Golden Gate, or even in the studio.

Our geek and gamer soul is simply blown away by the level of detail in the renderings and lights. Getting in and out of Lucid Air, walking around the vehicle, operating the vents, folding the seats, it’s all possible. We will even admit that virtual reality has allowed us to better appreciate certain details. In particular the “floating” sun visors, in the shadow of the real car, but clearly visible and realistic in the 3D rendering. Finally, we also show two Lucid Air Grand Touring with different rims to better compare them. Unable to take the wheel of the sedan, studio Lucid Motors gave us a particularly well-executed preview. A little more patience, and we can go out for some air with…

Lucid Air Grand Touring: 1,050 hp or 830 km

As a reminder, the Lucid Air Grand Touring is offered in two versions. The production model develops 819 horsepower from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.2 seconds. It announces up to 830 km of autonomy in 19 inches, and 754 km in 21 inches (model shown). In the Performance version, we went to 1,050 horsepower and 726 km of autonomy. The 0 to 100 km/h drops to 2.6 seconds! The Grand Touring model is expected to start at around €100,000, but pricing has yet to be confirmed. The Air Pure and Air Touring models will be the brand’s entry models. A more “affordable” alternative to the Dream Edition Performance and its €218,000! But hey, 1,111 horsepower under the hood makes up for it…

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