why french companies prefer RISTER

A French company wishing to work in Switzerland must appoint a tax representative on the spot. A procedure that is more efficient to entrust to a trustee like RISTER® that will take care of all the steps.

French companies with clients in Switzerland must scrupulously respect certain legislative and regulatory restrictions. The main one is the obligation of a French company, if it has clients in Switzerland, to nominate a tax representative for VAT in Switzerland.

Even today, the most efficient way is to entrust this time-consuming and expensive task to an administrator with recognized skills, such as RISTER, who will then become the tax representative of the French company. Founded in 2015, the swiss administrator is a subsidiary of Swiss Financial Company & Trust, owner of the MY SWISS COMPANY brand launched in 2019.

RISTER acts on behalf of the French company fulfilling the various reporting duties. The trustee in Geneva it also accompanies its customers in their import procedures, in their customs procedures and in the collection of VAT. ” We help French companies fulfill their reporting obligationssummarizes Andrés Taracido, to register in Switzerland, to make quarterly VAT returns during your activity in Switzerland. »

RISTER: around thirty French companies supported in 2021

Tax representation is a service that is highly sought after by French companies wishing to invoice in Swiss territory. At RISTER, the services of Swiss tax representation for companies in France are growing strongly (+150% in 2021). ” In 2021, we supported around thirty French companies in this matter », specifies Andrés Taracido, president of RISTER. The trustee has a large French clientele with needs ranging from Swiss company structuring to taxation, including HR and administration.

With its vast experience, RISTER has several advantages. In addition to its very attractive fees, which include registration, quarterly VAT returns and an advisory service, the Geneva-based trustee is geared towards all types of businesses. But how does RISTER concretely help French companies comply with Swiss law? ” Some of our French customers, who only have occasional customers, do not want to set up a company in Switzerland, says Andrés Taracido. But the law now requires them to have a VAT number. We facilitate the company registration process for VAT in Switzerland and generally take care of all the procedures related to the Swiss VAT declaration obligations. In short, RISTER supports French companies from A to Z.

The law restored healthy competition

This legislation, which obliges French companies to appoint a tax representative in Switzerland, has finally made it possible to clarify an unequal situation. ” Previously, there was a distortion of competition to the detriment of Swiss companies operating in Switzerland, Andrés Taracido details. For VAT registration in Switzerland, the law has set a limit of CHF 100,000 on turnover(around 85,000 euros, editor’s note) beyond which the French company was subject to Swiss VAT. Thus, if a French company had a turnover of 100,000 francs in France and 10,000 francs in Switzerland, it would not be subject to VAT because the 100,000 francs threshold had not been reached. »

Today, the threshold is 100,000 francs invoicing worldwide. Consequence: a French company with a turnover of less than 100,000 francs in France becomes liable from the first franc earned in Switzerland. This legislative change has many advantages. It restores justice between Swiss and French societies: they now evolve on an equal footing. For French companies with clients in Switzerland, the consequence is also a simplification of administrative procedures, as they can recover all the VAT thanks to their Swiss VAT number.

Seconded workers: RISTER offers a dedicated service

RISTER offers another service that is much sought after by French companies: the management of posted workers who come to work in Switzerland on behalf of French companies. So when a French company comes to work in Switzerland, it operates with employees in Switzerland. ” For our clients with tax representation in France, we take care of the entire process to send your workers to Switzerland “, says Andrés Taracido.

Entrusting this task to a trustee like RISTER allows you to protect yourself from big trouble. Indeed, managing posted workers in Switzerland is not easy. ” Generally, when they do it alone, they make mistakes and fall into the many Swiss legislative traps (collective agreements, etc.) “, specifies the president of RISTER. As a result, there are often checks and fines for French companies…

To avoid this type of inconvenience, RISTER intervenes upstream to avoid any errors. ” We also advise them on all the rules that must be respected for each type of activity, adds Andrés Taracido. It is necessary to respect the legislative framework and be aware that it is the Swiss salary of the branch that applies. »

Ultimately, a French company has every interest in being accompanied so that its Swiss adventure takes place under the best auspices and leads to results. In addition, French companies often decide to venture into Switzerland to take advantage of the country’s many assets. Because if tax representation is the first step for a company when it arrives in Switzerland, it often leads to the incorporation of a company.

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