“The Start-up Tour will contribute to industrial relocation in France”

The Technological Resource Center dedicated to industrial IoT We Network is organizing a Start-up Tour, the first highlight of which will take place on its website, at Technocampus Electronique et IoT in Angers, on June 7th.

Charles La Fay, deputy general manager of We Network. © Us Network

JDN. You are organizing the first edition of your Start-up Tour in Angers on June 7th. How did you come to create this new event and what does it consist of?

Charles LaFay. The current observation, amplified by the coronavirus crisis, is the lack of industries in France. Dependence on foreign countries and supply problems ignited the gunpowder (Recently, Eurostat announced that industrial production fell by 1.8% in March in the eurozone compared to the previous month, note). We need a French industry, it is also a will of the government through the recovery plan and France 2030. At our level we also wanted to act, mainly because 30% of our turnover is supported by the monitoring of industrial start-ups, which aim to solve production problems.

The Start-up Tour will give voice to those who have met with success or failure to prevent this from happening again. Faced with the loss of welding skills, for example, the founders of the start-up Weez-u Welding designed a remote-controlled welding robot. We support them in choosing electronics, so that they have lasting solutions. We Network participates in the renewal and influence of the industry. We want to prove with this Start-up Tour that relocation to France is possible, with solutions to improve processes and reduce carbon footprint.

How will this translate on the spot?

We will have a start-up village, a space where we will give visibility to about fifteen of them so that they can present their solutions. We will also be offering an expert desk: participants will be able to discuss, by appointment, for 15 minutes with an expert to ask a specific practical question. During the event, we will focus on collaboration between start-ups and manufacturers, such as the partnership between the French manufacturer of products resulting from the transformation of rubber Hutchinson and the French start-up Dymeo, which designed an absolute rotary encoder and was acquired by its partner industrial. We hope to receive a hundred people for this first edition.

What are the top questions you are answering right now?

“Toulouse, Bordeaux, Lyon and Lille will follow before the end of the year”

Current issues concern industrialization, to know “how to go from a dozen to a million products. One of our round tables will therefore have the theme of explaining how to prepare and succeed in industrializing a high-tech product. – Start-up Beefutures, which designs connected beehives, will testify in particular alongside Velco, based in Nantes, which develops connected solutions for the cycle industry Another issue that concerns start-ups: how to raise funds successfully We will discuss with BPI and the company Néolithe. We plan a visit to the electronics and IoT technocampus in the afternoon. We are designing the electronic boards, many are wondering about the choices to be made after the shortage of components.

You mentioned another particularity of the event…

In closing, we will be inviting women to speak on set. The industry is presented as a very masculine sector while there are women active in the sector. Alongside a start-up and industry leader, specialist Anaïs Voy-Gillis will speak about re-industrialization.

The Start-up Tour will not be limited to this stage in Angers. What’s next in the program?

The relocation of industry is a matter of territory where skills are developed. The Start-up Tour will stop in Toulouse at the end of September to honor the region’s start-ups. The event will be organized with IoT Valley. Bordeaux, Lyon and Lille will follow before the end of the year. It corresponds to the place occupied by the We Network, established in Angers but benefiting from a national activity. The goal is to perpetuate the Start-up Tour by a local brand around the ecosystem.

Find the program and registration link by clicking here.

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