The five finalists of the “Djok Start-Up” contest are known

This Tuesday, May 17th, the five finalist projects of the “Djok Start-Up” competition were presented in the deliberation room of the Municipality of Cayenne.

At the start, there were 27 candidates, registered individually or in teams for the “Djok Start-Up” contest. On Tuesday morning, the list of winners was reduced to five projects. The grand final of this competition is scheduled for June 27 at 7pm at the Encre de Cayenne.

The finalists of the “Djok Start Up” contest, gathered in the deliberations room of the Cayenne City Council – EHA

“Djok Start-Up”

This competition aims to promote Guyana’s economic development, but also to stimulate vocations and discover talents, in order to boost the local economic fabric. All participants are accompanied throughout the competition, and outside of it, by professionals from the sectors: associative, public and private. A participatory kitty (available at is also available for competitors to get their projects done.

The training course lasts one month and is divided as follows: a first phase “candidate discovery and communication”. A second step concerns “the project idea”. Then come: “market research”, “financial forecasts”, “source of funding” and “business formalities”.

Anyone with a project to create a business, or develop activities, can go to the City Council services to participate.

The mayor of Cayenne – Sandra Trochimara – came to congratulate the finalists – EHA


The bearers of the five finalist projects were not all present, this Tuesday morning, in the deliberation room of the city hall of Cayenne. But don’t worry, here are three finalist projects:

Recab Antoine (left) and Dirifo Kamill (right) – EHA

The first is that of Dirifo Kamill, Recab Antoine and his partner Adriano. Their project is to set up a beverage delivery system (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) at home at night. The idea came after a stay in France. For them, the market is huge in Guyana, especially since most stores close early, and this project could prevent some from driving “drunk”. They expect to complete this project within two to three months. Today, all they need is a permit for take-out sales, commissioning a site and obtaining a storage warehouse. According to them, the “Djok Start Up” contest allowed them to frame the project, save time and meet people in the field of entrepreneurship.

The mayor of Cayenne – Sandra Trochimara – came to congratulate the finalists – EHA

The second project is by Naïla James, a fashion designer and consultant from Guyana, and her two partners, Gaëlle and Karen Reschid. This project, called: The concept store “Les Cayenaises”, consists of creating a third place in the capital of Guyana, in which we can find: a coworking space, a meeting space, a games space, a bakery, a bar -restaurant, wellness area, fashion and design area, space reserved for pop-up stores, and why not: sports area. The idea arose from a need: to bring together complementary activities in the same place, in order to create a professional, versatile, stimulating and welcoming space. Naïla and her two partners hope to open this third place in the coming weeks.

Loval Sylvama – EHA

The third project is that of Loval Sylvama. It consists in the creation of a technical, administrative and financial consultancy company for the construction sector (and eventually for other sectors). Until recently, Loval was a construction supervisor. That’s how, after seeing a lack on the ground, he came up with the idea of ​​launching such a project. And it was by chance, in February, that she found out about the “Djok Start-Up” contest. Sylvama hopes to launch his company as soon as possible. However, it is the Salle de l’Encre, in Cayenne, that awaits you on June 27, for the grand finale of the “Djok Start-Up” competition.

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