The company Culture Serres, created three and a half years ago in Thiers (Puy-de-Dôme), has doubled its turnover in one year

It was a gamble they dared to make, three and a half years ago now. Yannick Cartailler and his partner Lionel Astier chose Thiers to develop their gardening business, while most of the market is based in Brittany.

An innovation in prototyping

“It’s a decision we made for three reasons, remembers Yannick Cartailler. First emotional, because we are linked to the region, even if it was logical to settle in Brittany. But it is also strategic in terms of logistics, because we are in the center of the country. And finally, we thought about recruitment, and Thiers’ industrial tradition was an asset. »

Award Yesitis bought a factory in Brassac-les-Mines (Puy-de-Dôme) to make his own connected objects

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Three and a half years later, with the move from the commercial area behind Carrefour in Thiers to the industrial area of ​​Felet, the choices made by Culture Serres’ partners seem to be bearing fruit. Last season was, according to Yannick Cartailler, “a great season” with a turnover of 1.4 million euros, almost double the previous season. For this new season, which is in full swing, the partners aim to reach 2 million euros in turnover, with the assumed objective, in 5 years, of exceeding the 10 million euros mark. And even if the crisis does not spare them, with the costs of steel and plastic “exploding”, the company sees further, and will soon see the birth of a project that it has been working on for several months: connected greenhouses.

“We are in the prototyping phase. We have been working for a year and a half with the company Yesitis, based in Brassac-les-Mines. We’re a little behind with Covid-19, but three or four months from now it should be fine. »

Yannick Cartailler (Co-founder of Serres Culture)

The two partners at Culture Serres expect a lot from this innovative new product.

There will be probes at the foot of the greenhouses, which will capture different information about the composition of the soil, the temperature, the humidity rate, according to Thiernois. It will then be the user’s turn to analyze this information and adapt their practice.

In a second step, the connected product of Cultura Serres will allow us to go even further. “We want to make the greenhouses self-sufficient,” specifies the business manager. They can open the doors if it’s too hot, water with an irrigation system,” he says.

Behind this innovation, there is a clear ambition on the part of the two founders of Cultura Serres: “To be the national reference in greenhouse cultivation. »

Origin France. The company Culture Serres wants to obtain the Guaranteed French Origin certification. A label that Yannick Cartailler analyzes as going “even further than Made in France”. Technically, the company will soon be audited by an external entity, which, through the traceability of Culture Serres’ 100% French products [certains sont fabriqués en Chine et d’autres sont hybrides, ndlr], you can set a percentage to guarantee certification. “It is very important for us, underlines Yannick Cartailler. Furthermore, a few months ago we joined a national movement, Force Française de l’industrie (FFI), which has the idea of ​​promoting an ecosystem for local industry”, reveals the business manager.

Sarah Douvizy

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