Business real estate: around Clermont-Ferrand, land scarcity calls for imagination

Fnaim Auvergne publishes an overview of the real estate business in Greater Clermont. The opportunity to take stock of the markets for offices or commercial establishments in Clermont-Ferrand.

Demand for offices on the rise

Cédric Serre, head of the Fnaim Auvergne company, indicates that the situation is tense for finding offices: “Demand is increasing and so is land pressure. Inevitably, prices are on the rise, especially on new construction. And stocks keep dropping! »

Not everyone is working remotely! In 2021, 23,400 m2 of offices were sold in Grand Clermont. Membership increased by 23%.

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But 2023 should bring fresh air with more than 10,000 m2 to be delivered in the La Pardieu sector and numerous operations in the city center.

Inventories of commercial establishments in historic downtown

For commercial establishments, these inventories have never been so low. Professionals in the sector offer several explanations: the park has not been renovated, the scarcity of land, the urban rules considered too restrictive, namely with increasingly long deadlines for building permits.
“Clermont-Ferrand is becoming a land of logistics. Requests are very important and difficult to honor. And we don’t have so many prospects for improvement…”

The professionals understood that the model has changed and that, from now on, most of the economic development will take place in the existing fabric.

Trade not yet at 2019 levels

On the retail side, activity continues to improve. Without, however, returning to 2019 levels: “Demand has generally increased compared to 2020, with different levels depending on the type. Fast food and bakery are driving the market. But business transactions remain stagnant. »

The figures also show that with an unemployment rate of just 6%, Clermont-Ferrand city center has really regained its dynamism.

Lyon investors increasingly present

Regarding the investment market, it remains very dynamic. However, the Clermont market is increasingly attracting investors from Lyon. This is pushing yield rates down slightly.

Award Why, despite rising interest rates, it’s still worth investing in real estate

Invited by Fnaim during the presentation of this panorama, Éric Trellu, real estate manager of the Michelin group, gave an update on the company’s policy: “We do not intend to own properties that are not necessary for the activity. industrial. We are, therefore, in a phase where we tend to dispose of assets. But we are nearing the end of this cycle for the Clermont market. »

To find the land reserve, it will therefore be necessary to continue to be imaginative.

Fabrice Mina

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