Surprisingly, no supply difficulties – computer network projects executed on time is possible!

Long-term shortages of semiconductors and disruptions to supply chains are putting many industries in trouble. Enterprise network and connectivity service providers are desperately looking for solutions to deliver their projects. Two happy ending stories involving Huawei’s express delivery illustrate the importance of deliverability.

The shortage of electronic components and the logistical crisis are worrying markets in this post-coronavirus period. According to analysis institutes such as Deloitte or Goldman Sachs, they affect many branches, including manufacturers of corporate network equipment (LAN, Campus, Wi-Fi 6, Data Center, etc.). This has the effect of forcing IT service providers in Switzerland to postpone or even cancel their projects. Today, the network infrastructure of companies is paramount. The activity of companies and their employees is inseparable from efficient and reliable network and internet connectivity. We interviewed installers and providers of communication, Wi-Fi and Internet services to understand how they were managing the current situation and what solutions they had found to complete their projects on time.

Michael Zubler, for example, whose company Zubler & Partner provides IT and communication infrastructure for SMEs in the Swiss Plateau, included among his projects the opening of a new network of medico-social establishments. His team was responsible for the complete network of the new buildings. “We had planned the installation of the network with the greatest precision”, recalls the business manager. Switches were installed, but it was not possible to get Wi-Fi hotspots. And the opening date was approaching…”.

A problem that Digmedia’s Simon Mathys also faced: “Our client, a well-known large hotel, needed to provide excellent Wi-Fi for their VIPs, combined with superior performance for a big event. we were hired to upgrade the network infrastructure. We went through all our usual equipment suppliers, but none managed to deliver the necessary equipment! And it was really urgent. »

Short circuits between the manufacturer and its distributors, a solution in delicate situations

Supply problems are recurrent, but the situation has deteriorated enormously in recent months. Late projects must be dealt with first, which in turn delays new projects. According to Michael Zubler and Simon Mathys, most manufacturers cite delivery times of at least six months; others consider it more realistic to count on eight to ten months if shortages of electronic components, such as semiconductors or processors, are not resolved quickly. Many branches depend on the same basic products. In addition, demand far outstrips supply due to the strong growth in digitization needs due to the pandemic. Added to this are geopolitical conflicts, which also hamper supply chains. So what to do?

Michael Zubler asked his distribution partner for advice. As the network was designed with Huawei switches that were delivered on time, it seemed obvious for the Absolut-Distribution distributor to ask about the availability of Wi-Fi 6 hotspots with Huawei’s sales department. Michael Zubler was surprised by the collaborative efficiency between the distributor and the manufacturer: “Very quickly, I received a commercial offer with delivery times of less than three weeks. For us it was a relief, the stakes were high: we needed 60 access points right away and the rest soon after. It was a big Wi-Fi project, so it was very important. Thanks to Huawei and Absolut-Distribution, we were able to complete the deployment on time and thus satisfy our customer.”

If quality is essential, speed is equally important!

On the Simon Mathys side, it was the Alltron distributor who intervened. Digmedia received test equipment from Huawei’s local stock this week. Even an expert was sent to the site by the manufacturer to assist the company during the installation. An unprecedented situation for Simon Mathys: “I have never seen a manufacturer intervene on site during installation!” The ordered items arrived directly to the customer and on time. Simon Mathys is full of praise: “The need for components for networking equipment is increasing dramatically. For our clients in the hotel sector, the rule until now was to have one Wi-Fi terminal per floor. Now, the expectations of a quality Wi-Fi connection are such that we need one access point per room, to allow, for example, all members of a family to connect at the same time. seven devices, from smartphones to tablets. »

The demand for computer equipment in general and network equipment in particular is growing, as are the demands in terms of delivery times from manufacturers. In an accelerating world, the speed at which products can be delivered has become as important a factor as cost-effectiveness. And Michael Zubler concludes: “Huawei allowed me to solve a big dilemma! Simon Mathys also confirms this: “Huawei has its supply chain under control. »

Luca Rainaldi ( responsible for French-speaking Switzerland at Huawei Enterprise Business Group, is at your disposal to discuss your network projects (LAN, Campus, Wi-Fi 6, Data Center).

Michael Zubler, Zubler & Partner AG

Simon Mathys, digmedia GmbH

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