One hundred personalities that make up French-speaking Switzerland

Politicians and politicians, architects and entrepreneurs, smooth mobility activists, researchers and artistic creators… They are the actors at the heart of change in cities. And because this edition of the Forum des 100 is dedicated to urban change, they make up a big part of the 2021 list of personalities that make up French-speaking Switzerland.

We know that cities, where 70% of the Swiss population live, are the main emitters of CO2. But if they are the bulk of the problem, they are the places where solutions to climate change are taking shape. Large, medium or small, they also remain the economic and cultural heart of the country.

In June, Corine Mauch, the mayor of Zurich, kicked off the cities discussion with a conference, followed by three other online meetings. The Forum of 100 itself will be held on October 14 at the EPFL Swiss Convention Center. The opportunity for rich and joyful face-to-face exchanges after a 100% digital edit last year.

Our meeting with Corine Mauch: “Cities are laboratories for the solutions of tomorrow”

vocation of mayor

You will also be able to find there as speakers and speakers several personalities whose portraits can be found on the website of the Forum des 100. Violaine Blétry-de Montmollin, president of the municipal council of Neuchâtel. Philippe Varone, the president of Sion and his urban planning project Ronquoz 21. He aims to make the city of Valais the capital of the Alps and predicts a sharp increase in its population by 2040.

It is readily said that covid has accelerated trends already at work before the pandemic. But the movement is not always unambiguous, as the latest developments in mobility show. 30km/h zones are about to become widespread, the rising popularity of e-bikes is helping to change the face of cities. At the same time, public transport companies such as Transports lausanois and its director Patricia Solioz-Mathys are struggling to recover the usage levels of the years before the crisis. And in real estate circles, the telecommuting fad encourages us to rethink building design: how will housing evolve? What about commercial and office spaces?

The construction site of the century

New neighborhoods are springing up across French-speaking Switzerland: the Plaines-du-Loup in Lausanne, the district of Etang in Geneva… But the success of the city’s climate plans depends above all on the renovation of existing buildings, as one of the pioneers of renewable energy, Pierre Renaud, founder of the company Planair. It is the project of the century for companies and a great challenge for architects who traditionally prefer to sign new spectacular projects and do not always have the imperative of sustainability as a priority. Again, this is changing, as evidenced by the duo Christina Zoumboulakis and Bassel Farra. Or Philippe Rahm, author of a natural history of architecture and designer, with Rem Koolhaas, from a notable mixed neighborhood in Milan.

meet our portraits by Pierre Renaud and by Christina Zoumboulakis and Bassel Farra

The pandemic will also have shown how the urban social fabric crumbles when entire sectors of the economy are shut down. This is the case of commerce, tourism and catering represented, among others, by the eloquent Frédérique Beauvois, pivot of the movement “Who will pay the bill?” Likewise, the world of culture. A festival like Visions du Réel, an unmissable meeting point for documentary cinema, and its director Emilie Bujès have shown that they can be responses to the pandemic by reinventing the Nyon event, but also the importance of supporting this sector. essential for the vitality of cities.

most women

The list of the 100 personalities that make up French-speaking Switzerland gives a prominent place this year to the actors of the urban changes underway. But, since its launch in 2005, it also intends, every year, to reveal the changes in the society and economy of the region. Thus the portrait of the Anglo-Iranian Amir Taaki, one of the pioneers of cryptocurrencies, active in Neuchâtel. Or that of Catherine Pugin, the first to hold the position of digital delegate in a French-speaking canton. Sacred challenges in perspective for this doctor of informatics, such as designing a digital identity that is at the same time secure, sovereign and easy to use. Let’s end on an arithmetic note that is also satisfying: the 2021 list includes a majority of women.

To discover the 100 personalities that make up francophone Switzerland

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