What is the role of a housewife?

The Cleaner:

She cleans all kinds of places, from large houses and apartments to small shops and offices, from public places like restaurants and cafes to her own home or place of work – a housekeeper knows no limits!

A housekeeper works with her hands and does not use cleaning materials or chemicals, except basic products that do not harm people or the environment (such as bleach).

She mainly cleans using traditional sweeping, mopping, mopping, vacuuming, dusting, etc. hand washed; if there is glass, it must be dried).

However, she uses cleaning machines when necessary, such as vacuum cleaners and floor polishers to remove dirt, spills, etc., from hard surfaces, and even brushes and mops to remove stains from soft materials.

Skills needed to be a housewife

Chemical knowledge: A housekeeper should know how to use the various types of cleaning products that come in different shapes and sizes (eg liquid, foam, spray). They also need to know which product will work best on which type of surface, as there are different surfaces in every home and office that need to be cleaned differently from one another (e.g. rugs, upholstery, floors, walls, etc.)

Chemical Safety: A housekeeper should know safety precautions when handling these products, especially those that have a strong odor or are irritating, such as bleach, ammonia, vinegar, air fresheners, etc. She must know the best way to store them safely so they are not contaminated by moisture, light, and other factors that could affect their potency, such as exposure to heat or sunlight, and know how to properly handle spills or leaks without causing a fire. danger (for example, pouring chemicals into a sink while it is running).

Organization Skills: A housekeeper must know how to organize her workspace and keep it clean and tidy.

Training of caretakers

Here are some of the most common offers and conditions you may encounter when starting out in this profession:

A housekeeper is paid for her work

The employee will be hired on a temporary basis, that is, she is “independent” and must therefore offer her services through an agency that organizes her work contracts and remunerates her accordingly (minimum wage). You must therefore have a minimum age set by law (usually 18) because if you do not meet these conditions, your application for employment will likely be rejected unless you have a valid reason to do so (e.g. , if you already have another job). The housekeeper is also expected to have a certain level of proficiency in the French language, although this requirement may vary from company to company depending on the hiring process and the languages ​​currently spoken, at home or at work (French, English, Spanish , Portuguese, Italian, German or Dutch).

How much can you earn as a maid?

As a housewife, your income is directly related to the number of hours you dedicate to your tasks and your efficiency in terms of time management.

Remuneration of caretakers

It depends on many factors, such as the size of the apartment or house, but also on the service itself: some cleaning products are better than others and therefore more expensive!

The prices of the services vary according to the type of service requested, whether they are performed in a single visit or repeated several times over time, and the size of the facilities, among others; however, the price is still clearly stated on the sign in the entrance hall of the property where the cleaning takes place! In addition, this price includes all labor and material costs, including those needed to clean furniture and objects that cannot be cleaned at once; in addition, the price of the service does not include costs related to the maintenance of the property, such as garbage removal or pest control, which must be borne by the customer independently of the caretakers! This cost varies depending on local laws and regulations, which may also apply to commercial properties!

Career development for housekeepers

Housekeeping is a profession that has existed for centuries, since the dawn of time, in fact, where the human race was responsible for cleaning their environment and their homes to maintain hygiene and health standards; this task became complicated with the advent of technology, due to which people started using machines to clean instead of doing it themselves, which made it easier for them and freed up their hands to use them for something else! In modern times, housework has evolved into cleaning offices, hospitals, schools, restaurants and so on, but it all started with simple tasks like sweeping floors and cleaning tables in hotels and restaurants. However, there are a lot of changes in the industry and cleaning jobs are now very different than they used to be, let’s take a look at some of the most common jobs in the field:

cleaning supervisor

This is one of the most important jobs in the cleaning industry, often performed by women.

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