the company makes a fool of itself in the middle of the conference because of a translation error

If at the end of last year we revealed to you that Google was no longer the most visited place in the world, the fact is that the immense empire that the company built over the years ended up giving it a true omnipresence, above all thanks to its many Tools used daily by millions of people around the world. And precisely, one of his tools was the subject of recent conference organized by the giant mountain viewthus giving rise to a situation quite embarrassing for the American company.

a mistake that did not go unnoticed

If many people use Google search engine, there are also many who use their free translation tool, Google Translate. Still, the company left some puzzled after detected errors during a presentation given during its annual conference, entitled Google I/Otaking place in Mountain View California.

At the end of the introduction to Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai, the latter spoke about Google Translate, taking the opportunity to unveil the latest features of the tool, stating that 24 new languages ​​are now supported. But a netizen commented on Twitter that the background slide, serving as an illustration, had an error.

Congratulations to @Google to get the arabic script backwards and disconnected during @sundarpichai‘s on *Google Translate*, because small independent startups like Google can’t afford to hire someone with elementary-level Arabic writing knowledge for 4-year-olds.

May 11, 2022

Kudos to Google for turning Arabic writing upside down and disconnected during Sundar Pichai’s presentation on Google Translate, because small independent start-ups like Google cannot afford to hire someone with knowledge of Arabic writing at the level of a four-year professional. old child in primary school.

After that, other people showed that the slide in question had several other translation errorswith a Twitter user who even created a document comparing all the errors he found when showing the correct translations of the words in question.

I made a useful note for everyone. Every one that isn’t based on Latin or Cyrillic is wrong (at least a little).

I struggled a bit with displaying the Bengali script, but I made it work better than this “Google” startup, whatever

May 11, 2022

I wrote some comments that might help everyone. All those that are not based on Latin or Cyrillic are wrong (at least a little).

I struggled a bit to display Bengali but I managed to do better than this “Google” startup or anything else

And as reported TechCrunch, even the swiss german spelling has errors. Usually spelled “Schweizerdeutsch”, Google offers “Schwiizerdütsch” instead, apparently in an attempt to replicate the dialect accent through spelling. Unfortunately for them, it was enough to use Google Translate, as it seems obtain much more correct translations than those found in Pichai’s presentation.

Marvin Chow, Vice President of Product Marketing at Google, took the floor to apologize and make amends. He said:

We feel a great sense of responsibility to ensure that everyone can be represented accurately and authentically. We’re sorry we didn’t meet this goal, we’ve fixed the video and are updating our processes.

It therefore appears that the video has already been edited to correct the reported errors.. If Google Translate is a tool that can be very useful in certain situations, it’s not flawless eitherand it may be interesting to compare some of these results with other similar tools, such as Word Reference, Linguee or Reverso, to name just the best known.

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