Economic innovation – Who will be the pearl of Lausanne startups?

Who will be the pearl of Lausanne’s start-ups?

Last year, Lausanne trustee and chairman of the jury, Grégoire Junod, presented the 2021 PERL Trophy to Ulrike Kettenberger, co-founder and general manager of Flowbone.

innovative and varied

Recycling of Composites

The Composite Recycling project consists of the recovery of fibers contained in the hulls of vessels destined for waste disposal, through mobile mini-factories.


Enerdrape panels are designed to absorb heat energy from basement walls.


HemostOD offers a solution for the production of blood platelets from genetically modified stem cells.

Shark Rebellion

The Shark Rebellion Swimwear is woven from yarn salvaged from industrial fishing nets adrift at sea.


The Voltiris project consists of transforming greenhouses into solar power plants without shading the crops.

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