Identify fraudulent e-commerce sites in a few clicks

Anger is not always a bad advisor. Laurent Amar attests to this. It is in the fury of having been poisoned by heavy metals contained in (allegedly organic) liquid for vaping ordered on the Internet that he took the energy out of his struggle: getting cybercriminals out of harm’s way.

AI against fraudulent websites

For the lawyer by training, former head of franchises Monceau Fleurs, anger has become an “obsession”. And obsession, a tool developed with artificial intelligence to detect fraudulent websites. The journey was long – just over three years -, expensive – around 2 million invested – and laborious.
Because to understand the functioning of the clone sites that, due to the rampant ease of access, have flourished on the Net in recent years, it was necessary to scour no less than 200,000 sites, analyze and understand their tricks and… their flaws.

“An intellectual and technical challenge” on the edge of “fundamental research”, explains Laurent Amar, who managed to involve data scientists in his project “approached through major schools such as Polytechnique, Pierre-et-Marie-Curie […]”.

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They engaged with me on the only condition that the final tool “is free.

security and justice

Also convinced by the frightening report of the scam boom. Last year, says Laurent Amar: “+ 74% in the area of ​​solar equipment; +128% in the tourism, travel and accommodation sector; + 25% on registration of fake promotions and fake coupons”.
Thus, was born, based on “two major challenges: consumer safety and fairness among e-merchants”.
To provide these services, the start-up, “a member of Cap Digital and supported by La French Tech”, grinds “120 data points” from potentially suspicious websites: from the reality of opinions to the form of payment, through physical domiciliation. from the seller.
For the consumer, just download the free tool, “which comes in the form of a simple extension for a web browser”, enter the url of the coveted site and the verdict is out in a few seconds. Green is good; gray is doubtful and red is dangerous.

Internet scams: three victims in one weekend

For e-merchants, is a form of labeling, as well as a comparative tool and potentially a carrier of “real” commercial promotions. “We provide technical security aids and optimization aids. Big brands have already joined us as one of the French leaders in frozen products”.

“99.86% reliability”

Laurent Amar estimates that “every day 100 fraudulent websites are created that disappear in an average of 12 days” and generate “between 10 and 30 million euros”. A manna that obviously escapes state revenue.
Appeased by the good start of his company, which, according to him, boasts “a reliability rate of 99.86%” and has around twenty employees, the bubbly Laurent Amar now hopes that France “will become the world leader in detecting of local frauds.” And he would welcome to win the title at his side.

Sophie Leclanché

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