Electric bike: big discounts to earn on Cdiscount (up to -900 euros)

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If you are looking for an electric bike for your summer trips or for your daily commute, check out the Cdiscount promotions. You can save up to 900 euros on these electrically assisted (VAE) bikes. It’s good to know that you can have part of the cost of your e-bike reimbursed by the local authorities.

Electric bike: the main discounts to get on Cdiscount

The Moma Bikes electric bike: 899.99 euros

Discover one of the most recommended electric bikes by internet users. Moma Bikes is a pioneer brand in the construction of high performance, practical and ecological VAEs. The folding electric bike from Moma Bikes moves up a notch on the practicality scale, thanks mainly to its 80 km range. Foldable, which simplifies its transport and allows you to take it with you everywhere. The Moma Bikes folding electric bike costs -1,000 euros on Cdiscount and costs 899.99 euros instead of 1,800 euros. This is an opportunity to offer you a quality VAE for less than 1,000 euros!

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The Velobecane electric bike: 629.99 euros

The Velobecane electric bike with a range of 40 km is also at a reduced price on Cdiscount. This 20-inch VAE has 7 speeds, a 250 watt motor capable of propelling you to 25 km/h and is fully assembled in France. The Velobecane electric bike currently costs 549 euros on Cdiscount. It is much cheaper than most VAEs which can easily exceed 1,000 euros. The Velobecane is foldable in 10 seconds and has accessories such as a luggage rack, fenders, front-rear lighting and a stand.

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The Surpass electric bike: 599.99 euros

Cdiscount is also putting the Surpass electric bike up for sale. This e-bike is appreciated as evidenced by its 4.1 out of 5 star rating. The battery life is 40 km and you have a Shimano 6-speed derailleur that guarantees the fluidity of each shift with a single button. . The Surpass electric bike also costs 459.99 euros on Cdiscount. It incorporates an LCD screen that allows you to turn the device on and off. Its LED lights light your way and allow you to use your VAE day and night.

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An electric bike at a reduced price is possible with Cdiscount

The Moma Bikes electric bike: 1,799.99 euros

Moma Bikes offers a range of electric bikes, each one more interesting than the last. This time, discover Cdiscount’s biggest promotion. This is the Moma Bikes Pro electric bike and saves 1,250 euros: the price of this VAE increases to 1,799.99 euros instead of 3,500 euros. This 26-inch professional electric bike has 8 speeds, but it’s above all its 110 km range that sets it apart from other VAEs. This model benefits from an unprecedented reduction in Cdiscount.

Find the Cdiscount offer on electric bike Moma Bikes

The Moma Bikes electric bike: 999.99 euros

Save $900 on the Moma Bikes 26-inch Electric Bike. This model is suitable for adults aged 16 and over who want to walk around the city or commute without using the car. The 26-inch Moma Bikes electric bike is currently 999.99 euros on Cdiscount instead of 1,800 euros. The site offers you a discount of 900 euros so you can pamper yourself with a cheaper, more economical (no gas or transport card) and ecological VAE.

Find the Cdiscount offer on electric bike Moma Bikes

The Fafrees electric bike: 779.99 euros

To close this series of Cdiscount promotions, meet the Fafrees Hailong-One electric bike, a 26-inch VAE with a range of 90 km. This model includes 21 gears. Therefore, it is suitable for young and old alike. You can customize your tour and, right now, enjoy a discount of 320 euros. The Fafrees Hailong-One electric bike is currently worth €779.99 instead of €1,099.99 on Cdiscount. To buy an electrically assisted bicycle for less than 1,000 euros, it is on Cdiscount that is happening and now.

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