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At the end of a CSE organized Thursday, May 12, with union representatives, the Renault group released a press release to confirm that it was indeed considering the creation of two autonomous “centers of excellence”, which could bring together more than 10,000 employees. each, 2023. An entity, based in France, would be dedicated “the development, production and marketing of electric vehicles”, as well as software. The second, established abroad, would be dedicated to “new generation of E-Tech thermal and hybrid motors and gearboxes”.

The manufacturer indicates that “These strategic reflections aim to adapt each technology, leveraging the group’s strengths and expertise in its various markets and within the Alliance”.

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A center dedicated to electricity and software in France

renault megane e-tech electric
All activities related to electricity and software could bring together more than 10,000 employees in France within the same entity.

While Renault aims to become “the leader in electric cars in Europe”, the autonomous entity dedicated to electricity and software would bring together the entire value chain, from engineering to industry, including related support functions. By 2023, more than 10,000 people would potentially be gathered in this new branch, i.e. part of the Technocentre, as well as teams from the Renault Software Lab, Lardy, the ElectriCity cluster, Cléon, but also “other sites under study on the Île-de-France”.

It is noteworthy that this division would have a business model “adapted to the specifics of electricity”, while aiming “forming partnerships in new technologies or services”. Although it is codenamed “Ampère” internally, This electricity pole could also be launched on the stock exchange in 2023 to finance its development.

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A center dedicated to thermal and hybrid engines and transmissions abroad

The second hub would be used to bring together activities and technologies related to thermal and hybrid engines and transmissions based abroad. This, while Renault believes these technologies ” benefit from significant long-term prospects and outputs in Europe and internationally.

To create ” a world leading Powertrain serving the automotive industry Renault plans to combine factories located in Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Romania, Brazil, Chile and Argentina, as well as engineering and R&D teams located in Spain, Romania, Turkey and Brazil. This also represents approximately 10,000 employees based outside of France for this potential entity that would be codenamed “Horse” internally.

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Renault unions fear dismantling

north electricity pole of france
Renault has already created a separate entity that brings together employees from Douai, Maubeuge and Ruitz (Nord) in the new ElectriCity cluster.

Before presenting the progress of these reflections during a day dedicated to investors in autumn 2022, the Renault group indicates that it has started consultations with the social partners. During an extraordinary CSE organized this Thursday, May 12, 2022, the CFE-CGC indicates in a press release that François Provost, director of international development and partnerships at the manufacturer, wanted to reassure this project. “It’s anything but a division. It’s not a dismantling of the group.” he stated. However, the union is concerned about the visibility “complicated” the future of the company for the employees.

In turn, Sud Renault wrote in a leaflet dated 22 April to fear “a dismantling with huge consequences for employees” Why, in the event of a split, the rights of workers “it would be completely revised at the time of its transfer to these new entities”. The union cites as an example the employees of Renault Douai, Maubeuge and Ruitz when they were transferred to the new subsidiary Renault ElectriCity under article L1224-1 of the Labor Code or even the maintenance employees of the engineering test facilities during their transfer. for P2M. also refusing the “Dismantling of the Renault group” in a May 5 brochure, the CGT asks ” strikes Tuesday, May 17th.

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