In Brive (Corrèze) a company invents “ethical coworking”

Sofas, coffee tables, designer lamps and elegant upholstery. At first glance, it looks like the cozy living room of a well-insulated house. Welcome to the Froidefond Etanchéité, a breathtaking view of the Laporte barracks, right in the middle of the austere industrial zone east of Brive.

Prices are free

This place, which looks like anything but a meeting room, came from the imagination of the owner, Alexandra Froidefond. Called “En mélée d’idées”, it is a coworking space that can accommodate around twenty people, available to anyone, companies and associations. The other originality: the prices are free and the money raised is then donated to associations collectively chosen by the employees of Froidefond Étanchéité.

Who is the connected campus that will open in September in Brive (Corrèze) for?

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“Frankly, I haven’t seen this anywhere else,” says Pascal Esclaire, co-director of Brive Gel, a neighboring company. He did not have a large enough space to gather his employees, respecting the distancing measures linked to Covid. He turned to “En mélée d’idées” and is full of praise, both for the quality of the place and the approach of its founder.

A first donation of 2,620 euros

The coworking room, which went into operation at the beginning of the year, has already been used fifteen times. This made it possible to raise 2,620 euros that were paid this Wednesday, May 11, to the association “Pour nos P’tits Gaillards”, which improves the daily lives of sick children in Corrèze.

Another association in September

The next beneficiary association will be chosen in September, still within the scope of consultation with the seventeen Froidefond Étanchéité employees who were quickly won over by the project.

“I hope they are happy to participate. I think everyone is a little afraid of everyone right now, believes Alexandra Froidefond. It is important to break down barriers, unite people. It is also an opportunity to open up to the territory. »

An investment of 25,000 euros

Based in Pazayac in the Dordogne until 2020, the company invested 25,000 euros to create this space when it moved to Brive.

Maybe when I started my professional career, I would have chosen to rent it out to recoup some money. But I’m in a different perspective. Our saying is: “To receive is also to give”. This room can be very useful for young entrepreneurs who are just starting out. Even if they only give 2 euros, it doesn’t matter.

solidarity chain

Other companies, convinced of the project’s relevance, helped. APB installed the air conditioning system for free. Loc’Vaisselle makes its equipment available when it can. A chain of solidarity that, in the end, “gives meaning” to the work of employees and benefits good causes. “We don’t receive donations like this every day”, recall Marlène Buffon and Louise Fischer, volunteers from the association “Pour in the P’tits Gaillards”.

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Tanguy Ollivier

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