Plug-in solar innovation

According to the latest report published by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), humanity would have three years to reduce its CO2 emissions. According to UN climate experts, without a “rapid, radical and immediate reduction in greenhouse gas emissions”, global warming could reach +3°C by 2100.

The company SoleilPourTous, created by Jean-François Faus and John Crowley, pioneers in plug-in solar innovation, may well revolutionize access to solar energy for everyone! With Jean-François Faust, focus on this innovation.

Tell us how the SoleilPourTous adventure started?

Specialized in photovoltaic solar panels since 2004, it was in 2016 that my partner and I decided to innovate by putting our knowledge at the service of a practical and profitable solution for individuals.

Obsessed, I threw myself into building a first solar panel that could simply be plugged into an electrical outlet. After a week locked in my workshop, I made the first Plug & Play solar panel.

To test the reception of this technology by individuals, I decided to simply put it up for sale on Boncoin! The enthusiasm of individuals is then at the meeting point.

At the time, and for several years, we had to show foresight to persist in the face of the disbelief of all solar professionals faced with our innovation. None of them got the point. And yet, there are so many of them!

Acclaimed by all, solar innovation is seen as the solution of the future for energy production. As early as 2016, the Plug & Play Module was already more efficient and much more profitable than large rooftop installations, which are expensive and therefore rarely profitable! And since then the gap continues to increase in favor of the Plug & Play Module.

How do Plug & Play modules work?

SunForTous photovoltaic solar panels produce direct current electricity transformed into alternating current and injected into the home grid once connected. Just choose a spot outside, in a garden or on a terrace. No work needed, the module is delivered already assembled, just place it on the floor and plug it in.

Installation is perfectly safe, far beyond what is required by French regulations. Guards are essential and part of the installation.

All homes connected to the public electricity grid can use our Plug & Play modules. Likewise, whatever the electricity consumption of the house, our range has been designed so that we can add extensions to increase the power according to the needs of the house.

Why invest in a Plug and Play module?

For two main reasons! Firstly, installing a module allows you to significantly reduce electricity bills, regardless of the electricity supplier. According to ADEME, in a typical home, there is an average reduction of 30% in the electricity bill for the year, excluding heating and hot water.

On the other hand, Plug & Play modules make it possible to combat global warming by reducing CO2 emissions. All housing, equipped with an exterior, can thus act in the face of the climate emergency.

Finally, in order to fulfill our commitment and be consistent with sustainable development in line with our values, the modules are manufactured in France from components, the vast majority of which are French. To make an impact, we must take care of all phases of design, manufacturing, delivery and installation.

Backed by a 20-year warranty, Plug & Play modules are built to last. In the event of a move, simply disassemble the module and take it with you, unlike a roof installation.

A word to conclude?

Today, we distribute our solar innovation in France, Belgium and Switzerland, but we have our eyes on other horizons, particularly in Africa. Thanks to the experience of John Crowley, who spent part of his life working for UNESCO, we found that our Plug & Play modules allow an even more economical and safe supply of electricity in countries like Benin, subject to high energy instability. Thus, we hope to develop partnerships to help local populations.

And finally, we would like to thank all our distribution channels that allow us to develop our technology and guarantee a peaceful future for the next generations.

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