Nüag – The digital montage: digitized governance tools at the service of companies and individuals

Created in 2017, Nüag stands out as a technological innovation in French territory in terms of corporate governance management. This start-up, winner of the VivaTech 2020 challenge and the Innest acceleration program of the Order of Statutory Auditors of Ile-de-France in 2021, supports companies in organizing, preparing and carrying out their government: General Meetings, Board of Directors, Supervisory Boards and many others. Thanks to its electronic voting platform that allows different ballots to be held (elections, resolutions, etc.), Nüag offers a personalized solution that puts people at the center of decision-making, allowing great flexibility in session and ballot formats: the from face-to-face to remote through hybrid. Lighting.

An electronic voting and organization solution at the service of people

The global health crisis has considerably changed our daily lives and particularly our work habits. Companies have been hard hit by the various confinements in the national territory, leading them to modernize to compensate for the impossibility of meeting for important company events. Among them: General Assemblies and other decision-making bodies, essential to the good life of companies, associations, federations, mutuals, cooperatives. These governance bodies are crucial not only for their appearance regulatebut also because contribute to the good functioning and strategy of organizations.

The digitization of General Assemblies therefore responds to a simple problem: ensuring the continuity of social dialogue when dealing with the institution of digital in organizations. In this way, thanks to a complete and safe tool, employees and governance bodies can make decisions whether or not they are present on site. Another advantage, this platform relieves actors of the time-consuming tasks of organizing General Assemblies now automated and simplifiedto focus on the essential: human exchange.

In addition, the solution offers Transparency tools in the conduct of the General Meeting (monitoring of electronic votes, quorum, elections) giving all actors the opportunity to analyze, debate, but also understand the issues addressed.

Digitized General Assemblies: a complete and personalized solution

One of the pillars on which the 100% French solution is based continues to be the offer of an all-in-one service. In fact, companies can centralize everything in a single tool, allowing the management of the organization of a General Assembly in three parts :

The General Secretariat

Nüag takes everything into account the cool configuration of its General Meeting, namely: the sending of notices, reminders, the creation of the attendance and attendance sheet up to the minutes.

holding the session

The solution offers customization of your session outfit. You can opt for a full scan of the General Assembly, face-to-face, remote or hybrid if the meetings are both face-to-face and remote. In this way, an integrated video conferencing tool allows the virtual presence of all but also the performance of voting in electronic format, monitoring of the quorum, live tabulation, etc. Employees can consult all the information directly and thus communicate in a simpler way because the good functioning of the General Assembly is guaranteed by Nüag.

When setting up your AG, you will therefore be able to specify the contours of the vote that takes place, whether it is “for or against” or an election, the quorum, the vote weights or the type of majority desired. Counting is automated and immediately accessible. You can allow stakeholders to vote and deny others.

The platform is also designed for in-person sessions : Historically time consuming, attendance management, powers, vote counting, attendance sheet verification and of course voting can all be simplified by the tool.

the post-session

Thanks to automation of scary human tasks – which can even be sources of error, votes are counted and can be analyzed by each stakeholder, and that in detail. It is an interesting solution for security, especially when we know that 1/3 of the listed entities attest to problems in calculating votes in 2018.

In addition, predefined formulations are proposed to you to project the minutes faster, in accordance with legal regulations. The tool still retains legal documents and evidence for the time prescribed by French law.

Data security at the heart of the solution

By concentrating multiple tools on a single platform, Sensitive data breach risks are reduced because everything is managed by a single entity.

from a point of view GDPRThe solution’s teams and operating systems are all located in France, concerned with respecting users’ personal data at a time when international digital giants are being highlighted.

Finally, the French solution is based on the your eIDAS advanced electronic signaturehighly secure throughstrong stakeholder authentication via email and password. Each user has their own electronic signature key.

Nüag therefore meets the needs of the governance bodies of organizations of all sizes, which wish to havea complete, safe and efficient tool exercise its decision-making bodies. In addition, this young startup works with the largest English asset management bank, supporting more than 1,000 organizations in France. While most companies are finalizing the organization of the traditional General Assembly to be held six months after the closing of accounts, digital tools are at your service to put people back at the center of exchanges.

Nüag – Digital montage is a RegTech (a contraction of “Regulatory” and “Technology”) founded by Benjamin Souloumiac, a graduate of the EDHEC Business School and two engineers Paul Stenne and Adrien Prokopowicz. The company that now works throughout France has offices in Paris and Tours. Its ambition is to become a leader in solutions for the digitization of governance and electronic voting.

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