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Martin Gautschi succeeds Albert Rösti as chairman of Swissoil Switzerland

National councilor Albert Rösti has announced his resignation as president of the Swissoil fuel traders association after seven years in office. To succeed him, Swissoil’s central committee unanimously proposes Martin Gautschi, currently chairman of the Aargau section of Swissoil, owner and CEO of Voegtlin-Meyer AG in Windisch. The election of the new chairman will take place during Swissoil’s general meeting on Friday, May 13, 2022 in St. Gallen.

Albert Rösti was elected chairman of Swissoil on 29 May 2015 to succeed former national adviser Caspar Baader. The Bernese Oberlander has exercised its role with great commitment over the past seven years and has invested wholeheartedly in the interests of the fuel oil industry in difficult times for it. His tenure was marked by the rise of the climate movement, the implementation of the cantonal energy prescriptions model (“MoPEC”) and two important popular votes on energy policy at the federal level – on the one hand, the vote on the “Energy Strategy 2050” in May 2017; on the other, the successful referendum against the CO2 law on June 13, 2021.

No to the CO2 law: an important step for Swissoil

As we know, Swissoil was on the front lines against the CO2 law. Albert Rösti cites the historic success of the June 13, 2021 vote as one of the main reasons for his resignation: the federal level is no longer on the medium-term agenda,” explains A. Rösti. With his departure, the association has the possibility to adapt its management structures to the new situation, continues the outgoing president.

An active branch representative as the new president

In the eyes of the association’s central committee, it quickly became clear that, in order to face the challenges ahead, an industry entrepreneur would be in a better position to assume the presidency than an active (federal) politician. Based on this principle, the central committee quickly found a solution: it unanimously proposed to the May 13 general meeting Martin Gautschi as successor to Albert Rösti as chairman of Swissoil. Martin Gautschi, 50, has run the traditional company Voegtlin-Meyer AG in Windisch since 2003 as fourth-generation owner and CEO. In addition, he has been chairman of Swissoil’s Aargau regional section since 2008 and has been a member of the PLR ​​town council of the municipality of Windisch for 8 years. Married with two school-age children, he lives in Windisch and mentions hiking, skiing, golf and truck driving as his hobbies.

An entrepreneur with a liberal compass

Martin Gautschi defines himself as a classic businessman and boss with a liberal attitude based on individual responsibility. It is on these principles that his commitment to the oil sector and in particular to a free heating market is based: the State must not interfere in consumer decisions – each owner must be free to choose how to heat their four walls. He strongly opposes any technology ban.

smooth transfer

The departure of Albert Rösti undoubtedly marks the end of an era for Swissoil. Albert Rösti has positively shaped the public’s perception of the industry in recent years and given it a friendly and competent face in difficult times. On behalf of all members, the central committee thanks Albert Rösti for his commitment to the heating oil trade and is happy to continue to have a strong ally in him in the federal capital. No competing candidates have been announced for election at tomorrow’s general assembly in St. Gallen, which means that the election of Martin Gautschi as the new chairman of Swissoil will be uncontested. The central committee and the secretariat wish Martin Gautschi every success in his work and look forward to constructive collaboration.


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