Jean-François Cornet: “Involvement means speaking for everyone”

As a user of the health system, any patient, hospitalized or in an institution, has the possibility to assert their rights. There are in each health establishment the so-called RUs, that is, representatives of the users. In total, more than 15,000 people are responsible for representing and defending the rights of users of the health system. To support these volunteers, France Assos Santé offers training to those assigned to this role. Jean-François Cornet is one such RU. A member of the National Federation of Associations of Retired and Pre-retirees (FNAR), he is RU at the Saint-Augustin clinic in Bordeaux. He is also part of the Territorial Health Council at the level of the Gironde department and participates in the Regional Conference on Health and Autonomy. A triple commitment, but a single desire: to build.

A term will come up several times during the conversation, that of “concrete”. More than a keyword, this epithet constitutes a beacon in the existence of Jean-François Cornet. And an intangible milestone in his relatively recent engagement, as the 73-year-old neo-Bordeaux began his first term as a User Representative (UK) in March 2021, just six months after docking in Bordeaux. It all started in Paris for this former electronics engineer who excelled in telecommunications. “I was at the forefront of the digital telephone during the 1970s and 1980s., before assuming the position of IT director, until the moment I left the company, he relates. I actually had a very technical career. » Your penchant for figures and Excel files will not completely abandon you.

“Formed in high doses”

In 2017, he took his first steps as a volunteer with the National Federation of Associations of Retired and Pre-Retirees (FNAR) through IT. She was looking for someone who could format her databases. As I was free, I offered myself, he says. And from one thing to another, we are interested, within FNAR, in the health of the elderly and, as such, in the digital health archive. Which kept me busy until 2019. » A first confinement and a move later, again anxious to resume service, he contacted the regional delegate Nova Aquitânia of the FNAR. In “little hand”according to his expression, he was appointed, in March 2021, RU at the Saint-Augustin clinic, a very old health facility, historically known in otolaryngology and urology, and also known to have amputated Sarah Bernhardt’s right leg in 1915 », he says. With his five colleagues in the United Kingdom, he ensures compliance with the standards imposed by the High Authority for Health (HAS), within the scope of the certification of quality and safety of care, mandatory for all health establishments. I don’t know anything about the medical world, but in terms of understanding standards and audits, I know how »he adjusts.

Even though he was experienced, and determined to stay in his field, Jean-François Cornet wanted to train. And even twice more than once. France Assos Santé offers a very comprehensive training program. In 2021, I trained in high doses: in videoconference or face-to-face, I had to follow a dozen training sessions, on the role of the UK, how to conduct mediation, the health system and the different authorities. , etc. In my career, I’ve always trained, it’s automatic and a necessity to follow the evolution. »

“Go to concrete”

Methodical, the former engineer is also assiduous and very involved. The Saint-Augustin RUs are still outside the Users’ Commission (CDU) to discuss and debate current issues. We get along very well, we have a common vision of our mission. Whichever association we represent, an RU speaks for all users of the health system », he points. A collective work, in short. Additionally, during the last open day, they gathered to tow inside the clinic to make themselves known and communicate their email address to patients and nursing staff. If I commit, it’s to get into the concrete », he adds. As a participant in the quarterly meeting dedicated specifically to adverse events, at the Saint-Augustin clinic, he pays special attention to the proper handling of complaints, claims and mediation. The Public Health Code, on the one hand, HAS quality certification standards, on the other hand, it compares, points out and questions.

I recently sent my colleagues at CDU a two-page report with my observations on what I see as shortcomings, but also my areas for improvement.he says. It would be necessary, for example, that complaints and claims were not only addressed to the management, but also passed through us, the representatives of the users, which would allow us to work with the patient or their families with a less vindictive attitude, more constructive discourse. » By his own admission, his first and only mediation to date has been quite “shaken up”. ” We talk about medical incidents, but I’m not used to it, he develops. It is both disturbing and traumatic. Also, the entire medical profession is present, it can be very impressive. »

general understanding

In just over a year, Jean-François Cornet has managed to build his place in three representative bodies, at three different levels, allowing him to clearly identify health problems and better understand the functioning of the health system.. ” My role as a RU represents what I call the field, so I wanted to be a member of the Office of the Territorial Health Council (CTS) and finally I am an assistant regional delegate of FNAR within the scope of the Regional Conference on Health and Autonomy (CRSA), which made it possible to integrate the working group called to reflect on digital health in the medical-social sector. » A reflection at the same time necessary but difficult, he explains, taking into account the large number of establishments in question, their particularities, depending on whether it is a hospital, a nursing home or home care, and the difficulty of free and sustainable representation in this sector ».

According to his wife, his various representations would be the equivalent of part-time. He is more moderate and speaks third times. I’m lucky to work fast », he watches. A taste for travel remains, a somewhat time-consuming passion. I have visited 92 countries, I would like to go to 100 », he admits. But even on vacation, he feeds on what he brings from his wanderings, like this idea stolen from star hotels and vacation clubs to broadcast on the free channel of the Saint-Augustin clinic’s circular channel, a welcome information for patients that could mention the existence of RU in the establishment and provide the telephone number to contact us. » Even give them a little talking time to present their role in the establishment. It would be a true communication channel to strengthen the dialogue with the patient », he walks. Faith of pragmatism.

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